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Honestly if you have the fucking time to make 3+ websites for your vulnerabilities, fucking make it work without JS.
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browsers are the most wasteful operating systems humanity has designed and are not worth the programming effort put into them.

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I need someone to play Minecraft with. I love working with people to build things

chuckle. This dual extruder cura profile basically does a hot pull at the end of every print, to get the throat clear in case the other filament gets used next. That should help keep clogs down. :)

I am sad to learn that some of the print issues I had with the MPMD were not caused by the MPMD. I'm missing some slicer tunable to make the solutech print right.

This is not unlike the problem that Boeing has with the 737. They've been building on the same platform for decades, riding the FAA policy where you bypass lots of shit if the plane is roughly the same as before.

Eventually, this sort of thing catches up with every design. In Boeing's case, a lot of people died. In Intel's case? Intel will make more money because, to be secure, we need to upgrade all our CPUs

Here's the thing with Intel.

The current microarchitecture in your Intel processor is a layer cake. They've been adding new layers for decades, trying to work around previous layers, trying to squeeze in more speed. They've had to get more and more clever to beat moore's law and basic thermodynamics. And more and more clever to patch around the cleverness from decades past that's impeding them now.

It's a fucking mess and there is no fixing it. At some point, it will have to be rebuilt.

I'd love an analysis of how much money the filament companies are making off benchy and other calibration prints.

Running 'firstprint.gcode' which appears to be benchy.

The bed exhaust on the Rostock is kinda loud but the printer itself is damn near silent.

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I still chuckle at "RPI 3 IS 64-BIT THE WORLD IS SAVED" when they run raspbian in 32-bit mode for backcompat.

Since it wasn't originally clear to me, I'll pass this on. The word "microarchitectural" is code for "the implementation of an architecture/design". When someone says that the fault is in the microarchitecture, it means that the design was fine. They just implemented it badly.

This is important when reading documents about Intel's speculative execution issues.

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