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@kemonine @chuck if you're near your m4, would you mind seeing if the armbian repositories have octoprint?

Oh ho! All the parts on thingiverse that are appropriate for the Ender 5 are listed under bits for 2020 extrusions, not specific to the 5

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I also need to start figuring out a new physical design for this room

Hoping I feel better tomorrow. It should be a big project day so it'd suck to feel bad during it. But milestones for tomorrow are:

- get a new table/cabinet for the Ender to sit on. something more stable.

- on the MPMD, attach the heater to the new metal bed and install the glass plate on its new brackets. Provided the magic smoke doesn't escape, the MPMD should be back in action after that.

- on the Ender, install the jansjo lamp and install the camera mount.

- clean the goddamn lab. this place is a disaster.

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If anyone could use some 1G or 2G sticks of desktop DDR2 or DDR3 RAM I kind of have more than I would ever need. I also have some 1G and 2G sticks of DDR2 and DDR3 laptop RAM. I'd gladly send them on to someone that would use them for the price of postage.

Kinda wondering if it's not possible to do what I want. To have a single page in the site with a totally different format/template

I do sometimes miss using nanoblogger. But it was fucking weird too

Customizing hugo is more complicated than I'd like it to be.

I... What? Wikis are not a bug tracking system.

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I was in a theology undergrad program when The Matrix came out. Do you have any idea how many horrible theology and philosophy papers were written the following years? Enough that the professors had to be ban it as a topic.

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@sungo I think it's related to "don't solder and sip" ;)

Who the fuck invented Spring Black Friday?

Oh dear lord. I've eithre had too much to drink or not enough.

So, I'm going to put an rpi camera on the end of an ikea jansjo light that's attached to the frame of the ender. The parts are already printed and the longer camera cable and the lamp will be here sunday.

But I'm sitting here thinking "wouldn't it be cool if the rpi controlled the light so it'd only be on when a build was happening?"

Water cooled hotends... Shit should come with a gentoo sticker

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