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If any of the Windows 7 users looking down the barrel of End Of Life for the platform are interested in Linux as an alternative to Windows 10 -- feel free to connect with me and ask questions.

It's not for everyone and I won't have all the answers, but if you think it might be for you and are concerned about something let me know and I'll do my best to point you to the right resources.

Geesh. I have this box for signed and otherwise difficult-to-come-by CDs. It's nothing fancy but it keeps them from getting knocked around. It has a lock on the front which I used in the move last year to keep them from getting lose. As one does, I lost the key in the move.

I haven't picked a lock in at least a year, maybe two. But I got my set out today and went to open that box of CDs. Took me 30s, most of which was picking the right lever.

Near as I can tell there's only a single keyed pin. The rest are simply not part of the locking mechanism.

In summary, learning to pick locks at least a little bit is very useful around the house. (particularly if there's a MasterLock at play. Never met one that couldn't be opened by raking)

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I don't listen to my imaginary friend, why the f... should I listen to my imaginary friend, why the f... should I listen to them, may never hear from them again...

Found myself reaching for :flan_troll:

Seems like some thing @mwlucas would use a lot.

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Blame money for dividing us, blame the FBI, NSA, CIA, for letting it.

stayed up way too late playing video games. feeling better. :flan_sleep:

Think I'm going to move my exocortex apps into personal IRC. Bots are way easier to write and I've been running IRCDs for decades now.

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well, fediverse... You have guaranteed upgrades for infrastructure, and I am so grateful for that.

Humbled even.

our helpers around here will get paid, the storage gets upgraded, and we will continue to offer the services that we do now... those can be found at:

More in the future as well...

Thank you netizens.

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Okay, so like if I'm a security guard in a control room, and you hack all the monitors to play Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan followed by the Back to the Future trilogy, I will just plain ignore your entire heist for hours. You can even come in and watch with me when you're done

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being good with computers is just about being flustered while saying 'fuck' a lot in a way that signals no one should approach you, then googling it

I'm on my dell xps13 because my thinkpad is 2 floors away and I"m lazy. And GODDAMN YOU ALL I miss the trackpoint nib. @phessler, this is your fault. I can barely use this trackpad-only laptop.

Hm. Do I trust Ubiquiti enough to put a self-hosting system on the unused port on my USG? That's theoretically on its own hardware network, not SDN'd into the rest? Will have to ponder that. I could probably drop my entire main VPS that way. It's not a huge amount of money but it's an interesting idea nonetheless

Some days, I think about completing my transformation into a network person. It'd keep me from spending the rest of my career writing automations with k8s and cloud shit.

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