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Folks with CC industrial music to share, or who like listening to CC industrial music, @thegibson has something for you.

"simply start the binding script"

wait. Am I setting up powerline or summoning a demon?

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Anyone know any US-based public librarians who are active on the fediverse? I don't just mean aware of it, I mean actively participating on at least one federated social media instance

If this house were an appliance, I'd have returned it to the store for a replacement months ago.

The other option is to spend $4k having this massive basement leveled.

Except. EXCEPT when the floor isn't even slightly level. We get to now trust that the product is strong enough to handle the peaks and valleys of a builder that can't pour concrete properly

Installing LVP is so great. Put on floor. Make sure it snapped together. Make sure it's flush against the walls. Install quarter-round.

It was 70F outside yesterday. Of course it's going to be cold on the days they're going to keep the door open all day

OpenBSD folks, how the shit do I turn off the bell? Had headphones in, firefox threw a beep, and now I'm deaf.

and then mpd decided to stop doing sndio... dammit

Today, apparently, is a ytcracker day. :flan_headphones:

@pamela I seem to recall you hacking on some lemonbar stuff. Am I remembering correctly? I'm pondering it to replace i3status.

The builders of this house were fucking amazing. Got a drop in the concrete before the door? Why do something sensible when you can, I don't know, fill it with layers of fucking tack strips? The customers will never know!

They've started ripping out the carpet in our basement. Goodbye awful carpet!

work whinging 

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