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I do *not* need a new laptop but the new XPS13s announced today are ... tempting.

Thank you Google Docs for this migraine. That all-white UI is certainly amazing to stare at for hours.

Well, if one were looking to aggravate all the grammar nerds at once, could do a lot worse than: you'r

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The code I've written in my off time in the last couple weeks is not the world's best code. My code never is. But it's significant for me because I haven't written much code in my spare time in a long time. Also, I'm finally at the point with go where I can whip off an idea pretty quickly without tons of effort.

I may end up putting a cookie check in there to see if the user is logged in. Then you could say that only public non-authed users get the static html view of public notices

I think this may work out. Got a proof of concept of a little daemon that generates static html from public pleroma posts. Should be able to put it into an nginx upstream block with "proxy_next_upstream". That way, the daemon throws an error or 403 or whatever, the request gets sent to the real pleroma instance

Today is Setting Orange, the 5th day of Chaos in the YOLD 3185

Celebrate Mungday


you know. if I did that, it'd use the same APIs that FE uses. So... it could also be a client for GS and Mastodon, couldn't it? That idea just got more interesting.

might write a proxy to sit in front of pleroma to get plain html pages out of it. this "js required" thing is bugging me a lot.

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PSA: If you want to report any user or post please DM this account.

Pixelfed doesn't support federated reports yet and we would prefer to work with remote admins and users to resolve any issues before resorting to block our instance!

Doom was, what, 2.9MB? Apart from the usual "websites are too big", have you looked at your other apps recently? I feel like "we", myself very fucking much included, have lost the art of coding small.

sigh. I really should switch my gogs server over to gitea, shouldn't I?

@kaniini For the record (RIP my mentions probably), pleroma is pretty great and I'm glad you all are doing it.

code, golang, wat 

code, golang, wat 

> TWC and its affiliates use a system to understand "rituals" and "consumers' patterns of behavior" in order to "monetize this trove of personal geolocation data," the complaint said.

Report: The Weather Channel mobile app is spying on you and "transferred users' geolocation data to at least a dozen third-party websites over the past 19 months"

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