@chuck @sara I've spent the last 20 years with incredibly basic vim skills, even though it's my primary editor. I've picked up some plugins along the way and I learn a new trick every now and then. But incredibly basic skills can take one a long way.

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And more important, personally, is that I'm super close to reclaiming the database server NUC for the lab.

Let's be clear. Docker is fucking awful in so many ways. Most cloud shit is (says the employee of a cloud company).

But going from nothing to fully up and operational in 5 commands is hot.


Confirmed. It is 100% possible to run the API for my main work project out of docker-compose. Loaded in a backup of our production database and it's all Just Working. :flan_hurrah:

@kemonine @thegibson ddns is a solved problem for me (yay dns.he.net) but yeah, I take your point. I was pondering autossh or, if I'm bored, openvpn

@thegibson @kemonine Well, this is pleroma so it's way easier than the shitshow that is mastodon. The big question is if I'll still need/want a proxy on the outside world to dodge ISP filtering

@kemonine Same. I'm about to move my instance out of the cloud so we'll see how *that* goes :)

@kemonine One of the devs has a conversion script. I'm not sure if it's working yet. But their notion is to be able to do exactly what you're suggesting

How badly will I regret buying a fairly cheap 3d printer to play around and make sure I'll use it before upgrading to something longer term?

@sng Thanks for the indirect recommendation. Really enjoying the series

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Internet chat was solved in August 1988.

Stop trying

You're making the world a worse place

I'm going to end up with a 3d printer just to avoid these piece of shit rpi cases that are made with stacks of acrylic sheets.

wat. the only case I'm aware of for the pi sense hat doesn't allow room for standoffs with screws. They want you to put this thing in there with no support on the far edge of the hat. I'm going to have to dremel this acrylic thing. (On a different day when I'm completely sober)

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