:flan_headphones: the masses of humanity will always have to suffer

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mastodon is the online platform where the 30 year olds have constant drama meltdowns while the 17 year olds calmly exchange views on post-left theory

@lmorchard on the upside(?) he does spend two movies brutally murdering everyone even indirectly involved

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i think that, artistically, you should do whatever you want all the time

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hackers town?
more like
arts and crafts
with computers
and alcohol town

oh hey. the dedrm tools for kindle stuff are still really easy to get going.

@thegibson I'm not worried about paying for upgrades. I yawn mightily at that drama fest. It's just that the normal corporate reaction would be "stop whining! Here's a taste of all the cool stuff that's coming in 5!" not to go radio silent about it for months.

@jack Maybe I wasn't clear? I have hundreds of ebooks. epubs and what not. In a folder. Calibre, amongst other things, allows me to import those, update their metadata (book titles, cover art, etc), and generate new files. Calibre is for managing libraries of ebooks. Evernote and Notion aren't even the same type of app.

@jack I don't understand how evernote or notion will undertake ebook metadata management. They're note taking apps.

@jack Is this an app something other than evernote dot com?

Is there some ebook management app out there that is *not* the madness of calibre?

I just need metadata management. Not the other million features of calibre, nor the "I'm smart enough to maintain my own port of python so I'm not upgrading to python 3" main developer

Amazon's credit card ad is working against them in my life

"If you use our credit card, you'd get 5% back! Last year, that would have gotten you [ungodly amount]"

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Am testing now with a problematic section of the model I'm actually trying to get printed

Sadly confirmed that the Rostock is showing the same oozing issue with the towers test with both Solutech and Protopasta.

@thegibson They first mentioned it, what, months ago? You'd think they'd try some hype to try and counter the whole "I have to pay a bit to upgrade?!?!" drama

I wonder if there's a betting pool on when S3D 5 will come out.

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