@chuck I desperately want to fix some of their printer settings.

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"The grub2-bhyve port does not have a maintainer." oh dear

Is there something else I'm meant to be using? #freebsd

@pdcull someone should tell them about the pool on the roof

@fool @ella_kane sounds like a plan. It'll be a bit though. Filament's on the slow boat from portland and it may not be right. So don't hold up any orders on my account :)

@ella_kane I've got a green filament coming that might be HT green. Since @fool's not making kitties, I can make you one :)

@fool @remotenemesis so bad tv reception is the best glitch to have

@fool @remotenemesis you're aware of the event taking place when that image was captured?

@thegibson @crazypedia take it off its surge protector during some lightning storms

@crazypedia my rostock runs the duet wifi. it's a worthy control board to ponder if you're upgrading.

@fool I need to get my k1000 out again. I need t o get all my cameras out and set up the damn photo space here in the new house.

@SinaCutie @ryen @remotenemesis @thegibson @jerephil @lindsays At the time I was last near a copy, hard copy was deemed more dangerous to keep around than a file on a floppy, stuck in a cigarette carton in the air duct, joey style. Obviously times have changed.

@remotenemesis @thegibson @jerephil @SinaCutie @ryen @lindsays the last time I saw a v666 was 99, I think. Squirreled away on some servers that didn't know it was hosting files, as usual. Not that I've gone looking in the decades since.

@thegibson @jerephil @remotenemesis @SinaCutie @ryen @lindsays If you download it now you get the version where everything is missing a key component.

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