@MochiWaifu @sara How'd you get it to blank your password out like that?

@thegibson @ella_kane @_cr0_tab Did I ever mention that Jim Jones graduated high school in my home town? That a childhood friend's mother was related to him in a way that no one discussed? I don't know that I really knew flavor aid was still on the market until I left home. Couldn't find it in town at all.

@bamfic I get that in some cases. The ones I most have problems with though are in the US, where I live. They mark it as shipped so they get paid but don't drop it in the post for a couple weeks. Postmarks give them away :)

@kurtm It's across the board these days. Almost always third party sellers that just want the freedom to drop the package in the post whenever they get around to it. But by god they'll mark it as shipped instantly so they can get paid.

People who don't use Amazon. Where do you buy your blurays from?

"Arrives between Feb 7 and Mar 1" Fuck you Amazon.

@ella_kane @rook Yeah, I alter the background, the color/content of my glasses, and the color pallete. I have a project in photoshop mix on my ipad for it :)

I think we need a new variant of the town logo with "Totally Not A Cult" as the slogan. Also packs of flavor aid

"Subject: [user] loved your post on Ello"


@msherman64 We uncovered some serious issues in our dev-soon-to-be-prod environment. Means I get to rebuild it and reset the clock on making it prod. :flan_heckk:

\o/ just what I wanted to do. I totally wanted to re-build our dev cluster.

@SetecAstronomy But my office is being heated by my PCs :) I've actually got the hvac vent in my office sealed because it gets too hot in here with the regular heat + the computers.

My partner's home office is so cold I'm thinking about starting to mine bitcoin and put a rig in there.

The HVAC in this house was designed by a drunken monkey and the windows are super cheap and bad insulators. We had no options to customize either. They're very frustrating.

Pondering converting my xps13 to Alpine

Oblivion is basically a long music video by M83 that happens to star Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Same way Tron Legacy was a long Daft Punk music video.

The movie “Oblivion” has such a goddamned great soundtrack. By M83.

@msherman64 Agreed. And that's every job I've had too. I just keep trying for something different and can't get there. It's frustrating.

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