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This took way too fucking long to get right but the inkywhat has a stand. It's very front heavy so I need to weigh down the stand.

Sainsmart IPS display, powered by an RPI 3A+.

Wiring is awful which I'll fix shortly. Their mounting system for the pi is a mess and uses M3 screws when the holes in the pi are M2.5. No instructions and no documentation on the controller which has a lot more ports than what I'm using.

But the damn thing works. Now to clean up the wiring and figure out a kiosk mode ui for it.

The cloudlet is back together (in a less fun location), booting fine (in a less fun way), and currently installing updates via dsh

With the .5 nozzle installed again, we're back on our bullshit

A more careful examination of the nozzle leads to a possible conclusion. The print had some real problems with overhangs, to the point where it was just kinda pushing around hot plastic. I'm thinking that backed things up.

You see that shit? Yes, there are strings *everywhere* and that needs to be fixed. But... but. Cura was unable to even make those spindles with the .5 nozzle. It just kinda mushed filament around. So we've got major progress just with the new nozzle.

Hacker archetype? I've always been this person. The person hanging out with the gang but who you've never really seen before (you think?), never gets a name, and is never seen from again. But was right there when the critical moment occurred.

Also looking hot and hanging out with Nikon.

I know I shouldn't be as excited about this as I am but don't you dare agree.

Folks say that it's impossible for a fresh-from-the-factory spool to have tangles. Looks like SeeMeCNC may have just proved them wrong.

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