Today's efforts generated: a remix of the richrap masterspool. this mix requires significantly less plastic than the original

After a trip through tinkercad, here's where the pi zero stand landed. No immediate plans for them yet but at least they're not rattling around a drawer.

Found a damn decent top for my NanoPi M4 case. With the metrics on my bottom, the top kinda snaps in. It's not earthquake proof or anything but it's good enough. The model I used is built for an M4 with the PSU module but I repurposed the plug hole to run the fan wiring. Wish that cable was shorter but it's a nice setup.

MatterHackers' Sky Blue PLA is exactly the color I was looking for

Thanks to @chuck and @pamela, :flan_beard_sungo:​ is a thing and I'm honored and really damn amused that this is a thing.

Just like the orange, this Neon Yellow is hard to get through a camera but damn its pretty.

The orange carts came out really well. This is really nice filament.

The model for the countersunk middles works well. I still need to buy a crapton of standoffs but at least we're talking standard sizes now.

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