The power management circuit on the rpi 3B+ is failing en masse, is considered not-user-serviceable, and the only fix is to get a new rpi

It probably needs said again that the RPI is not an open product, is not designed for being hacked on itself, and is full of proprietary closed code. If you're use an rpi and think you're throwing up your middles to The Powers, you're not. You're funding Broadcom.

@sungo I'm suddenly very happy to be working with other chips and other power circuits

@kemonine I need to research something less shitty that's rpi 3 compatible so it'll fit in the cloudlet. Something that doesn't require a 100lb block of aluminum on the bottom to cool.

@kemonine @sungo
I use this when I'm starting to think there are boards I'm forgetting about. There is also an RSS feed for staying on top of new boards.

@dublinux Completely different use cases, for the most part

@starbreaker @sungo

I've had good success with the allwinner H5 boards from OrangePi but they are showing their age much like the rpi does...

The arm world is still stuck on the 1Gb RAM max kick for some reason and getting more RAM tends to be wildly expensive.
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