The power management circuit on the rpi 3B+ is failing en masse, is considered not-user-serviceable, and the only fix is to get a new rpi

It probably needs said again that the RPI is not an open product, is not designed for being hacked on itself, and is full of proprietary closed code. If you're use an rpi and think you're throwing up your middles to The Powers, you're not. You're funding Broadcom.

@sungo I'm suddenly very happy to be working with other chips and other power circuits

@kemonine I need to research something less shitty that's rpi 3 compatible so it'll fit in the cloudlet. Something that doesn't require a 100lb block of aluminum on the bottom to cool.

@kemonine @sungo
I use this when I'm starting to think there are boards I'm forgetting about. There is also an RSS feed for staying on top of new boards.

@sungo It did need to be said, because I didn't know, I thought the whole deal of raspberrypi is that it's all opensource software?

@emsenn Not at all. They pitch it as a cheap computer that you can use to learn to code or whatever, specifically in python. If you take out the broadcom closed source blobs, the rpi will cease functioning.

@sungo @emsenn

You also need proprietary utilities to tweak hdmi settings and some other stuff.

There is a surprisingly large amount of closed source cruft you need if you want to deploy one creatively as a low power node or similar.

@kemonine @sungo @emsenn
Yep. I've been increasingly leaning towards other boards for serious use and just keeping a few Pis areound for testing.


I've been in that camp for awhile now...

I have only one rpi 3b+ deployed for production use and that's more to do with the fact I needed a proper UPS setup that could flip/flop between different input power sources reliably.

I need to get back to finalizing that build but overall it's been a key piece to my portable lollipop.

@emsenn @sungo

@kemonine i have a dell i bought at walmart 5 years ago at the same time i bought the acer monitor that goes with it, and a ~4yr old chromebook and a ~1.5yr old chromebook that's got a cracked touchscreen so i can't use it because i haven't put the time into seeing if i can something else running on it. (small crack, big effect on the screen's functionality. meanwhile my phone's screen is missing a chunk and works fine. technology.) @kelbot @sungo

@kemonine i ran out of characters but the point is when it comes to hardware I'm like, a super-normie.

@kelbot @sungo

@kemonine Actually! I have one not-normie thing I'm working toward: taking my todo lists and personal logs and records and each morning exporting the up-to-date version as an ebook and putting it on my kindle, as my star-trekky data PADD, and then i'll take notes with pencil/index card and transcribe once back at a computer where i can get it done properly.

@kelbot @sungo

@kemonine Another non-normie thing I do is I don't use my smartphone for more than texts or phone calls (and more recently pictures of my cat)

It's a stock verizon phone that's like 4 years old now, and the only custom app i have on it is Fastmail but if i get notifications... i decide whether it warrnats going to my computer or not and clear them and move on.

@kelbot @sungo

@emsenn @sungo @kelbot

nothing wrong with that

I but used phones one generation back and I've got a surface pro 4 and other stuff thats super normal too.

I may not prefer the RPI boards but they have a place in the world.

I think the key piece here is knowing there are alternatives that are just as "normal" that bring less pain to the table in a lot of situations that are definitely normal

@kemonine @sungo @emsenn
Precisely this. There are a LOT of really common use cases that people use Pis for that other boards are much better suited for. Ranging from less expensive to slightly more expensive but WAY more performant. And that's not even considering the shitty power situation of the Pis. But I agree they do have a place and are good to have around to test new ideas because just about every project out there supports the pi due to its popularity.

@kelbot @kemonine @emsenn The rpi foundation has gotten themselves in a bind. They've said for a long time that every new piece of hardware will be backwards compatible. So Broadcom says "we're not making 32 bit chips anymore" and the foundation has to scramble to make their software somehow compatible.

They've never been willing to say "The RPI 3B is LTS and will stay compatible with software released to that point. The 4 however is a new thing and you'll need to port software over"


True, but that's also a "thing" with education. You gotta have 10+ year support cycles for things.

Especially in the USA where our edu spending has plummeted to dangerous levels.

@emsenn @kelbot

@kemonine @kelbot @emsenn Yeah, but that's what i'm getting at with LTS. "The 3B+ is LTS and we're going to keep making it for eons. You don't have to worry". They've already promised this to their manufacturing contracts. School budgets also can't afford upgrading to every new rpi to come out.


Good point. Would make things a little easier to manage longer term

@emsenn @kelbot

@kemonine @kelbot One of the problems I have is price point. With most rpi compatible options, building the cloudlet would be really damn expensive and I might as well just put everything on a nuc

@sungo @kelbot Cost is a big reason why I've tracked the OrangePi offerings as well as the @PINE64 ones

They are a decent price point and are a lot more robust than the rpi series.

I may not have a cloudlet but i have more than a few arm boards deployed for various purposes

@dublinux Completely different use cases, for the most part

@starbreaker @sungo

I've had good success with the allwinner H5 boards from OrangePi but they are showing their age much like the rpi does...

The arm world is still stuck on the 1Gb RAM max kick for some reason and getting more RAM tends to be wildly expensive.
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