Every time I deal with my sprinkler setup, built out of home depot timers, I want to (a) have stern words with whoever designed the UX (b) do something more networked with a better UX. I then remember what it takes to do the network thing and just grumble through setting the sprinkler timers

@sungo Rainbird has integration with

You've been warned

@kemonine Ours all above ground sprinklers on hoses at this point.

@sungo I help out my dad at the family farm every autumn to blow out the irrigation lines and "winterize" the system. He is in his 80s and though in great health for his age it's a difficult task to do by himself, manually connecting up an air compressor and turning drain valves and walking back and forth between the house and the various locations to switch the zones etc.

I just want to swap out that 1980s timer system and put SOVs on the drains and just make it all run off his mobile...


...I want to automate all the things, but not with evil $h!tty Google or Amazon or overpriced proprietary crappie like control4. If only I had the time!

Alas, any hobby projects I take up will have to be small and simple if I have any hope of finishing them.

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