Let me tell you something, townies and listeners.

I'm here on HT because this community has it going on. Cool folks, cool projects, cool ideas. Yeah, a lot of us love a good fire, particularly if it's flying a megacorp flag. But I want to see what you're building, from physical to philosophical. The weirder the better.

There is a lot to burn down these days. And burn it we shall. But at the end, when we're sitting in the ashes, successful beyond our dreams, what the fuck then? If we don't already have a culture of creation, then there will be nothing left.

So build some stuff. Dream some new dreams. Post that shit up here. And if the haters come, well, I did promise you something to burn.

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I should clarify. I don’t just want to hear about weird shit. If you’re doing not-weird shit like drawing circles, or making toast, or reading a good (or even awful!) book, I wan to hear about that shit too.

So much “burn it all down!” in my TL and not enough “I didn’t burn my toast!”

@sungo I heated up part of a smores bar just now and it barely didn't burn my face!!

@sungo @koenaro I woke up before the alarm so I could read this!

Going back to sleep, now, tho. Haha! :_catsleep:

@sungo and while you're at it tag it #libreops so we can find it outside of the town :)


Let's see...

My friends and I cosplay. We hope we inspire others to up their game, but have heard people get discouraged like "I can't be as good as them." Thinking of holding workshops.

I build weird machines, like a jukebox out of an old radio for a friend's wedding, guests pick a song and it queues it up.

I've consulted on art projects and plays for technical aspects like building an interactive prop out of rotary phones, or how a Turing machine works to use as a plot point.

I reverse odd stuff like old cracking software.

A fun quick few-hour project was a Twitter bot that just posts open access Creative Commons art from a museum every hour. Maybe I'll bring that to Mastodon.

I also had a Twitter bot that you ask if someone is a Nazi and it tells you (Twitter is legally required to not show Nazi accounts in some countries, Germany being one, their API has something that is basically a flag for this.) Thinking of changing that so it actively crawls Twitter looking for these people and builds a block list (yeah I don't really like the idea of offloading the decision of who you block to someone else, but I think this is a good case.)

I'm into the esoteric corners of the C language. I'm going through books and programs like ones from the IOCCC to document these weird uses. May pitch that as a book.

I got ideas for some simple video games I need to get out of my head and into computers. Really just simple puzzles, good for mobile games, but think I can iterate on them into full mechanism for something like adventure games. Really excited for that, started on the simplest of the concepts.

For my local hackerspace I'm working towards a little selfie station (or photobooth if you wanna call it that, but not really a booth.) Just a Raspberry Pi, its camera, a thermal receipt printer, and a touch screen on some stand. Maybe take pictures as ASCII art.

But that'll likely just be a bootstrap for like an art project to showcase how creepy facial recognition is, like have it show on the screen how it can pick up your face, can remember you and where you were, do things like determine your emotion from your expression, or there's this API of the terrible idea of "profiling" like "this person is likely a doctor" or "this person likely to do a crime" (that's basically computerized phrenology.) And maybe have props people can use to try to defeat facial rec, or have a hair/makeup stylist right there to do that.

So... i have so many projects going on.

For starters, i work on two different podcasts as an audio engineer, which I love doing. Raising the Dead Again (finishing up a hiatus) and WZED (which is currently in early editing). My spouse and I are also recording a podfic of one of our absolute favorite fanfictions.

Even though it's slow progress, there's the server project. Self-hosting so much stuff. Wikis, a writing space, nextcloud, personal samba4 setup, xmpp, minecraft servers, personal bookmarks.... a lot of stuff.

Part of the reason i'm doing the selfhosted server project is because i want to be able to work on a universe and various stories based in that universe, and be able to do it from anywhere without having to fight with other stuff. And also keeping it off google and stuff. Which. Creating a sci-fi universe set a few hundred years in the future. Been focusing on a lot of kinda technical shit in the process, because for some reason my brain randomly likes to throw that shit out there, and it goes in the universe.

In the real world, i'm currently working with a team at my local makerspace to build an enormous 3d printer (plus a bunch of other things - drag knife, maybe cnc, multiple types of print heads...). The print bed on this thing is intended to be a four foot cube. Been enjoying engineering on that and I spent two hours tonight putting together nuts and t-bolts because they're much cheaper than regular t-track nuts. we're making a major push to try and get it done this week.

And also because i simply just *can't* separate my vanilla and non-vanilla lives, i'm veeerry slowly prototyping a metal collar and cuff set with the intention of eventually being a local metal worker providing kink items to my local community.

And then my bun-partner and i are slowly playing our way through the Halo series at the moment, and also occasionally Borderlands. And minecraft.

Overall... so many projects. They keep me busy.

@sungo anyone following me for longer than a day knows i have a bazillion coding projects going on.

but i do physical object creation too. :D i haven't done any wool work in a while, but that's always around.

my magazine does a print edition and i publish books, so that's always on the burner.

atm though i'm working on some woodcarving while i wait for some cash to come in so i can get more tools. the plan? building rpg accessories! dice trays and towers, DM screens, etc.

can't wait to get started.

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