Pretty grumpy I didn't find a table suitable for the 3d printer this weekend.


The IKEA small lack would probably fit fine. I printed some brackets to join a coffee table and side table for a perfect fit.

@thegibson I'm also pondering

I went out to look at the bror line today and it was super twisty. Should have gone with a bigger maybe list but it was also smol children central and I had to nope out pretty fast

@thegibson It's sitting on a linmon top right now and whoo boy is that not the right table

@thegibson My one annoyance I think would be how close to the ground it is. Sure, that helps a lot with stability but it'd be obnoxious to be getting that low all the time.

@sungo that desk looks good.

I hear you on the low thing... works for me because HOWEE is so tall...

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