Purdue Pharma largely created the opioid crisis in the US.

Today, Purdue Pharma announced that they've received fast-track status on a new drug that claims to be the antidote to opioid overdoses.

I wish I was making this shit up.

How long until they recommend at-risk areas just put a prophylactic dose of the antidote in the water supply?


@nobody I'm from and have lived most of my life near the epicenter of the crisis. Folks dying so rapidly the morgues are overflowing.

Quite a few people I know carry in their purse the same anti-overdose meds that emergency personnel do. Right next to the epi-pen.

Naloxone is a great thing. VA has a training program to let the public get and carry it too although this area isn't as hard hit as southern VA. I wouldn't trust a non-generic from Purdue though. If they really want to prove good will, they shouldn't patent whatever they develop. I bet they're going to use shady sales tactics to try to get a new monopoly and push generics out of the market

@nobody That's how they created the opioid crisis so it's very on-brand for them

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