In college, one of my bosses had a big ol' monster of a wooden desk that looked like a regular antique desk. But when you got up to it, the center was actually plexiglass or some such and there was a computer monitor in there, angled perfectly.

I want one of those so I can keep a horizontal display in there with chat, email, or whatever and then have a vertical monitor with code at regular eye level.

My current big horizontal monitor is on a stand so I could at least maybe get a small display to go under it.

@CrowderSoup The downside is that one must keep a tidy desk to use the computer.

@sungo That would definitely be a hurdle for me as well 😂

@sungo Every office supply shop had those things in the 90s. I'm told they fell out of popularity because people kept hitting their knees on the CRTs.

@neuromancer Makes sense. We've solved this problem now though

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