"Implement this API feature into the tooling"

Sure thing. What's the API endpoint look like? What's the in / out?

"Here's the pull request that introduced the feature."

So, you want me to read a 500 line diff to figure out how an HTTP JSON endpoint works? No docs at all? Just here's a huge diff into a perl based API?



Oh look. Because they can't figure out how to keep a PR small and focused, about 200 LOC in this diff have nothing to do with the subject of the PR.



"Sorry, we only accept pull requests with for documented APIs."

@mwlucas Sadly, these are coworkers and I don't get to throw the "fuck you and your undocumented code" flag

@sungo Ugh. Well, then, the only reasonable option that remains is :flan_set_fire:

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