Just Cause 4 has maybe three "seize the base" types. They're all annoying and make me want to throw things. Just Cause 3 did so much of this better.

@sungo It's not as good as JC3, no. And it's also buggy as hell, and not in a fun way.

@wohali Yeah. I went back to it today and immediately ran into a pile of bizarre bugs. Helicopter gets too close to one of yours? Flies off into the distance at light speed. Debris floating in the air. That sort of shit.

It's like they spent all their money on that stupid weather system and just punted on the rest

@wohali I couldn't complete one of those "drive all the cars into the bay in way too limited a time span" because the bikes wouldn't stay upright and the cars were acting high-centered on rocks. Just wheels spinning.

@wohali The chaos system is fucked too. I understood it in JC3. Destroy the shit in the base, it becomes your base. But in 4, you can go back to your own bases and blow up the shit and destroy your own base and kill your own people? And everyone's just "+1 dude!"

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