@thegibson @hcs 100% remote here. it's incredible.

Needs buy-in from the org though, otherwise it's atrocious.

@lupine @thegibson @hcs And it takes a special kind of person. Just like I absolutely cannot work in an office environment, there are folks that simply can't do well in a remote situation.

@sungo @lupine @hcs

very true...

My greatest challenge is staying productive with the kids and dogs over say... Christmas break. :)

@thegibson @lupine @hcs I've also struggled with never leaving work in my head.

@sungo @thegibson @lupine @hcs That’s the struggle I have when working from home. Last time I had a remote job I was a single guy living alone (with my cat) and my office was also my play room...had all my music equipment and about half my gaming stuff. I would sit down to make music and feel guilty I wasn’t getting more work done as my to do list grew every day.

@sungo @thegibson @lupine @hcs On the other hand, I’ve had to fire my entire remote team because it turned out they were the type of people who aren’t motivated if they aren’t in an office setting and thus don’t get much done.

@sungo @lupine @hcs
When I was a field tech, I was also our Excel/data expert. I used to sneak in work at home when it came to spreadsheets. Dual monitors. No chatty coworkers. Comfortable chair. The downside being that work from home was forbidden, we were field service after all.

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