This is an older article but I still agree with it. Coding as a blue collar job is why we also absolutely need labor and trade unions for coding. Too many coders are essentially wage slaves or old school gold panners, deluded by the notion that they're going to have The Idea and strike it rich. We need to organize, accept that the huge salaries are aberrations, dig in and protect our own from predatory employers.

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@sungo @sng This article popped up in discussion at my job a while back. I remember the coders having a good laugh at the idea what they do could be considered blue collar work. Later that year they all got moved from salary to hourly and our bennies were "improved" at a greater cost to us per paycheck. Most of them still don't see the writing on the wall. That code-cowboy imagery is still too ingrained in a lot of people's minds for reality to set in.

@adw @sungo The single biggest issue are the number of people who don't see that if we stand together we are powerful.

But if we keep up the "code-cowboy" thing (like that turn of phrase) the bosses will eat us alive.

@sng @adw Part of it is that we've traditionally gotten large salaries and the notion is that collective bargaining will result in lower salaries for for senior folks. But it's like Atlas Shrugged, right? Everyone assumes they're good enough to make it into the elite group and that's simply not true.

@sungo @adw Right. When I was a teenager "good union job" was the shorthand for doing well. To some degree this idea is baked into me.

And, yes, those large salaries confuse a lot of people about what kind of work they are doing.

If more people seriously thought about it getting overtime and union negotiated benefits would be worth FAR more to them than any sort of Randian fantasy.

I'm also interested in the people younger than 30 who don't know the difference between a labor union and a

@sungo @adw trade union.

I really see the electricians union as kind of our ideal model.


@sng @adw I want our "engineering" title to come with the sort of training, particularly ethics, and apprenticeship that many of the engineering schools have had in the past

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