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“We are far from perfect. We are bruised. We are broken. We are goddamn works of art”

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I should also make a note. If you're doing dirt in any way, don't tell me or come to my house. My pipes go right by Andrews and we get all kinds of black helicopter class shit over the house. Assume I'm bugged.

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People who don't use Amazon. Where do you buy your blurays from?

"Arrives between Feb 7 and Mar 1" Fuck you Amazon.

I think we need a new variant of the town logo with "Totally Not A Cult" as the slogan. Also packs of flavor aid

"Subject: [user] loved your post on Ello"


\o/ just what I wanted to do. I totally wanted to re-build our dev cluster.

My partner's home office is so cold I'm thinking about starting to mine bitcoin and put a rig in there.

The HVAC in this house was designed by a drunken monkey and the windows are super cheap and bad insulators. We had no options to customize either. They're very frustrating.

Pondering converting my xps13 to Alpine

Oblivion is basically a long music video by M83 that happens to star Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Same way Tron Legacy was a long Daft Punk music video.

The movie “Oblivion” has such a goddamned great soundtrack. By M83.

I might have to build mpd from source though. The version in FreeBSD/HardenedBSD ports lacks mp3 encoding and icecast support

So, this "Bone Armor" spell in Diablo III. it uses the bones of your enemies to make armor. But they don't seem to mind, apart from the HP hit. They don't get crippled or anything.

I've decided that Bone Armor acts solely on the bones of the inner ear. I'm wearing armor made of ear bones.

Fantastic. Got mpd streaming flac and ogg off my file server. Now to bang out an RPi attached to my usb dac. Maybe a 'now playing' script.

I am struck with the sads.

"I have no interest in fixing my musicpd howto because I barely listen to music anymore"

I don't care about the howto. But not listening to music anymore? Gives me the sads.

Eating cookies. Ripping CDs. Playing Diablo III. As one does on *checks cal* a Tuesday night.

Not sure why I take jobs where I'm supposed to only be a software dev. I *always* end up as a sysadmin for the team. I keep trying to break out of this shit, land a 40hr/week coding job. Luckily, this current gig has no on-call but I question how long that can last if I'm greybearding for the team.

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boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

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This is your irregular reminder that #FreeRadical does not claim to be a free speech zone. See for a more in depth explanation.

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Again, I am glad we got the snow blower. Also, more snow coming this weekend probably with ice. Hoping to be able to get to home depot in the next couple of days to pick up bags of sand and more sidewalk chemicals.

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