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"The grub2-bhyve port does not have a maintainer." oh dear

Is there something else I'm meant to be using? #freebsd
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I'm not going to do a goddamn introduction post on my own homeserver but, first post nonetheless. if you're coming over from one of my alts, don't expect this to be radically different content. I'm just moving some shit unto my own server to have a bit more control, a bit more space. So here we are.

I feel like I'm missing something with pleroma's admin-fe, at least as it's bundled in develop

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Additionally, if you know where I could get an , , or / job, it would be greatly appreciated, as I am being layed off later this summer :/

The POE tower is built. I don't have disk images for them yet though.

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if you read mike’s warnings about adversaries and concluded that whitelists are the answer, you’re extremely ignorant.

that’s all i am going to say about the justification of that feature.

In a lot of these cases, I'd have been happy to grab .5kg or even .25kg. But, unless you're buying expensive shit from places like protopasta, the minimum is typically 1kg.

yay got moisture-resistant containers that let me stand my filament on end. In other news, I perhaps have too much filament.

Pondering a bot that talks to spotify and does the now-playing thing for me.

[ Folks who slide into my mentions to tell me that I should stop using spotify get muted at best ]

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I am a hacker, and this is what a revolution looks like, people in expensive clothing running around.

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Now that I have some better behaving filaments, I should play around again with Cura's ironing.

It's kinda sad. One of my core criteria for SBCs is "can I readily find 3d models for cases and/or mounting kit"

I need to figure out, at least, a database solution for the cloudlet. I was going to put postgres on the m4. I really don't want to put a whole NUC in to the cloudlet.

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I claim no responsibility for the inaccuracies in this picture, but it made me laugh anyway

(img desc in reply)

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I gotta clear out space in the rack for some new kit. So, if you're in Colorado and interested in some older HP hardware, here's what I have:
3x DL360 G5
2x DL380 G5

I don't remember CPU or RAM and there's a pile of disk between them. Regardless, they're very much capable of doing things.

Anyway, the Fediverse gets first crack at them. $50 takes the lot.

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