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Let me tell you something, townies and listeners.

I'm here on HT because this community has it going on. Cool folks, cool projects, cool ideas. Yeah, a lot of us love a good fire, particularly if it's flying a megacorp flag. But I want to see what you're building, from physical to philosophical. The weirder the better.

There is a lot to burn down these days. And burn it we shall. But at the end, when we're sitting in the ashes, successful beyond our dreams, what the fuck then? If we don't already have a culture of creation, then there will be nothing left.

So build some stuff. Dream some new dreams. Post that shit up here. And if the haters come, well, I did promise you something to burn.

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As a heads-up, I mute and block people on this account, sometimes entire instances. I have a lot of filters. I do this curation for my own sanity and the reasons probably won't make sense to you. The reasons don't have to make sense to you and they don't have to be fair. This TL is for me and me alone.

If this notion bothers you, please unfollow or don't follow in the first place.

Also, I'm an asshole. Just want to throw that out there too.

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"I think as artists we have a responsibility now more than ever to weaponize music and art to paint a painfully realistic picture of who why and what we are. [...] Sometimes you gotta burn it down to build it back up again." - grandson

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“We are far from perfect. We are bruised. We are broken. We are goddamn works of art”

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:flan_headphones: the masses of humanity will always have to suffer

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mastodon is the online platform where the 30 year olds have constant drama meltdowns while the 17 year olds calmly exchange views on post-left theory

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i think that, artistically, you should do whatever you want all the time

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hackers town?
more like
arts and crafts
with computers
and alcohol town

oh hey. the dedrm tools for kindle stuff are still really easy to get going.

Is there some ebook management app out there that is *not* the madness of calibre?

I just need metadata management. Not the other million features of calibre, nor the "I'm smart enough to maintain my own port of python so I'm not upgrading to python 3" main developer

Amazon's credit card ad is working against them in my life

"If you use our credit card, you'd get 5% back! Last year, that would have gotten you [ungodly amount]"

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Am testing now with a problematic section of the model I'm actually trying to get printed

Sadly confirmed that the Rostock is showing the same oozing issue with the towers test with both Solutech and Protopasta.

I wonder if there's a betting pool on when S3D 5 will come out.

All that work on fixing stringiness and I made the model I care about *worse*. Very. very. frustrating.

Ignoring patent shit, HEVC is so great. 1.3GB meeting video down to 301M with no perceptible difference to human eyes.

Also, this profile does a hot pull at the end of every print and it's creating tangles in the spool. Might have to start treating this like a single extruder system until I'm ready to start playing with dual extruding.

There is something going on with how Cura handles walls that aren't optimally wide. I need S3D to get a sensible profile for this rostock dammit

From a top-down perspective, I'm quite happy with the first layer that my rostock just laid down

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