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As a heads-up, I mute and block people on this account, sometimes entire instances. I have a lot of filters. I do this curation for my own sanity and the reasons probably won't make sense to you. The reasons don't have to make sense to you and they don't have to be fair. This TL is for me and me alone.

If this notion bothers you, please unfollow or don't follow in the first place.

Also, I'm an asshole. Just want to throw that out there too.

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"I think as artists we have a responsibility now more than ever to weaponize music and art to paint a painfully realistic picture of who why and what we are. [...] Sometimes you gotta burn it down to build it back up again." - grandson

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“We are far from perfect. We are bruised. We are broken. We are goddamn works of art”

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And more important, personally, is that I'm super close to reclaiming the database server NUC for the lab.

Let's be clear. Docker is fucking awful in so many ways. Most cloud shit is (says the employee of a cloud company).

But going from nothing to fully up and operational in 5 commands is hot.

Confirmed. It is 100% possible to run the API for my main work project out of docker-compose. Loaded in a backup of our production database and it's all Just Working. :flan_hurrah:

How badly will I regret buying a fairly cheap 3d printer to play around and make sure I'll use it before upgrading to something longer term?

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Internet chat was solved in August 1988.

Stop trying

You're making the world a worse place

I'm going to end up with a 3d printer just to avoid these piece of shit rpi cases that are made with stacks of acrylic sheets.

wat. the only case I'm aware of for the pi sense hat doesn't allow room for standoffs with screws. They want you to put this thing in there with no support on the far edge of the hat. I'm going to have to dremel this acrylic thing. (On a different day when I'm completely sober)

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Oy. Add to it that clusterhat is sitting on a "raspberry pi model b+ v1.2" and it's time to start this particular rig from scratch.

Hm. Either the clusterhat suffered a failure in the move of the rpi0s did. Seems kinda odd that only 2 and 4 would come up. Problem is that debugging the rpi0s on a clusterhat blows.

CLOUD ROUTER SWITCH upgraded and as secured as it can be. Package arrived from adafruit with new toys. Time to figure out wtf is going into this microlab

Yessss... pg_restore is loading a production snapshot into my docker instance. Using the directory format, even.

Looks like it's possible now to run our app entirely out of docker. I should really try to put up the UI and traefik but this is enough to get going.

Looking forward to blasting these ubuntu docker servers with alpine + docker. who needs all this systemd shit for a box that *only* runs docker

Today is Pungenday, the 5th day of Discord in the YOLD 3185

Celebrate Mojoday

@kemonine What supermicro chassis is holding all those drives for you?

GODDAMIT. Of all the things to not survive the move, it'd have to be the nylon screws long enough to make this RPI stack work. I don't know how these exact eight nylon screws took a walk about but I hope bad things happen to them.

oh right. I have this pair of 5TB external usb3 drives that were in an iteration of the file server. I should run some test suite on them. They'd be a nice storage option for the micro lab

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