Power has returned to Sundogistan, but the toot-lab is still MIA


The toot-lab is down due to a lack of alternating current being delivered to our borders.

Currently investigating to ensure this is not a nation-state attacker.

Just had someone scan the side of my head on my way home from the office.

Be interesting to see if we end up with another townie who's local to my meatbag.


this morning I finished a long writeup of the #cyberdeck construction process across four different prototypes, starting over a year ago to the mark IV build I completed last week

atreus.technomancy.us/decklog and


Main connection to Sundogistan is back online, but I have some routing to juggle for my DMZ network - back from the toot-lab soon-ish.


Town, I want you to know that I always loved you the best

Just received word from my wife that the power is out in Sundogistan, so reclaim.technology services are currently unavailable :(

Santa is my homeboy.

I'll feed old Grimnir's reindeer and leave him a snack.

It's ok to transition from knowing he is real, to knowing he is not, to knowing that the spirit is something we can all experience.





Adding "enterprise data recovery" to my business cards now.

Huge thanks for all your help over the last week, friends - you really got me through :blobpats:

there is a crew of teens roller skating together at this event and i kind of want to be them

So just as @sundog faces the task of righting the Good Ship Toot-Lab I discover a failed power supply in my own rig. Second time this has happened to my setup in the last couple of years.

Luckily the backup kicked in and service was not interrupted.

This is more motivation to look into packing the 2U space with a cluster of low powered SBCs as a replacement. Like, for the cost of one server I could get a couple dozen little boards and reduce the impact of any given point of failure.

toot-lab drive image duplication progress at 20% and climbing.

Ro vs. The Death of G.H.W Bush 

Nah, I'm not surprised by all of the revisionist takes we are seeing about former President Bush I. It's what America does.

The national refusal to deal with the legacy of our decisions when it comes to choosing leaders is one of the main reasons the States keeps repeating the same problems.

There is no doubt Bush was an awful president, so people are just lying. It's as American as apple pie and racism.

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