β–Ί Cyber-Chaos Ahead series :

9 newly discovered vulnerabilitiesβ€”dubbed PwnedPiperβ€”leave a widely used Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) vulnerable to critical cyberattacks.


Affected systems are installed in 80% of major hospitals in the U.S. & in no fewer than 3,000 hospitals worldwide.

A critical vulnerability in Python Package Index (PyPI) platform could have given attackers complete control over the official software repository, spawning supply-chain attacks.

Details: thehackernews.com/2021/08/pypi

@theruran @djsundog @zee @zee @Zee I've been thinking about a lot of the same topics recently. So much so that the Kestrel Computer Project might have ended up overlapping a lot with Krali Systems Program.

And, now, quite ironically considering the demise of Kestrel Project, I'm actually thinking even more ambitiously than I was before.

I need some time to put my thoughts into words though. I'll reach out to you separately on this. But, to summarize, the best way I know to amortize costs for heirloom computing is to run software that targets an abstract machine language of some kind, and to rely on common, well-known protocols as a means to obviate the functionality of conventional operating systems. (Vis-a-vis, the "anti-kernel" concept, using 9P over physical and virtual connections to both request and offer services, etc.).

I'll need some time to put my own vision into words and let you take a look at it. I don't know that it will be 100% compatible with what you're shooting for, but the overlap should both be viscerally obvious and it might be something we can collaborate on in the future.

@vertigo Yes, is my "TV" program for doing work related to the Krali Collective. The concept is still developing :thounking:​ My rationale for it is to work openly/transparently and to learn together in order to liberate that knowledge.

Krali Computing is modeled after the computer companies of old, thus the striped rainbow logo. So it is a product company that sells real computers you can use. The Kestrel Computer could fit even though it takes a different approach, but I believe the standard must still be met for releasing all design documentation and blueprints (architecture model(s)) so customers can repair, modify, and audit their machines freely.

Krali Technology is an open standards stewardship organization for life-saving technology. When a technology connects people equally it can be used to save lives. So the potential number of technologies stewarded by this organization may be many, and it could include the ActivityPub project I mentioned in another thread.

All of these organization functions are empowered by model-based systems engineering, or essentially what's called a Digital Thread. It ensures consistency and correctness across the entire lifecycle of each product.

The Collective part suggests that other co-ops may join the umbrella co-op if missions are aligned; yes, something like Mondragon.

@djsundog @zee @y0x3y @stman

I'm browsing peertube and found a channel that's just a whole lecture on category theory https://spectra.video/video-channels/category_theory@diode.zone/videos

Someone just asked the professor if he could clean up the videos and post them on peertube, and they was like "You have my permission, I consider my lectures public domain", which I think is pretty awesome!

Maybe I'll finally understand that monoid and endofunctors meme after all :D

@stman @jauntywunderkind420 @theruran @alcinnz I warned you dude, last time I criticized the web as an application platform I got dogpiled and no amount of explaining why would satisfy… 🀣🀣🀣

Massive Cyber-Attacks on facebook and amazon, until they both burn. That's all I wish to these two thieves.

@theruran What about all my researches to have dimensions of the cyberspace fitting more those of the meatspace ? mhhh ? who insisted on that ? It's me. It's all my work. All my fucking work, hacked by an ass hole who sees himself god ruling the world.

The ass hole is a terrorist and a thief.

May be burns in hell.

May a huge cyber-attack destroyz everytjing within facebook and amazon.

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United Nazi Imperialists Murderers Conspirationists Thiefs of America.

Thiefs !

"The metaverse doesn't have a specific definition, but the venture capitalist does Matthew Ball it has circumscribed its borders well. The metaverse is a persistent and synchronous space that embraces both the digital and the physical world."


@theruran You see, "persistant & synchronous". Who has been talking about the importance of synchronicity, and persistancy concept ? mhhh ?

@stman my impression was that it is more billionaire masturbation - just a buzzword that doesn't mean anything but nevertheless drums up the press. @thegibson

@theruran I fear the monster thief zuckerberg is trying to abuse our researches. Have you read those articles where he is talking about creating a metaverse ?

Des millions d’AmΓ©ricains menacΓ©s d’expulsion, en pleine flambΓ©e du variant Delta.

Note personnelle : Faut bien renflouer les caisses du SDF Bezos pour qu'il puisse aller se masturber 10 minutes en apesanteur.


@stman @theruran @alcinnz the fact that web browsers consume so much computing resources really bothers me.

I don’t want to get dragged into another argument about the problems of the web as an application platform, but when I say that, this is the sort of thing I’m talking about.

EMC antennas for troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing edn.com/emc-antennas-for-troub

Wow, you can buy a full-size calibrated EMC antenna for """only""" $2000 (still very expensive but well below price of the real lab-grade stuff) and downscaled versions for just $600. I need to get one. #electronics #hamradio #amateurradio

@requiem @alcinnz dunno what he's talking about - QtWebEngine takes at least a day to build on my 32-logical-core Ryzen and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. it totally halts my computer from doing everything else because the devs thought it would be funny to somehow burst my system load past 100.0

[SECRET PROGRAM] with [HUGE RISKS] - Starting date : Jan 2001, End date : mid 2006.

Visible part of the iceberg : Publication of the ISO/IEC 16459-1 standard violating Antitrust laws & ISO rules.

But nobody cares if it's to allow Bezos masturbate 10 min in space 18 years later.

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