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wired: "mind shambles"

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y'know, that'd actually make a fantastically dramatic mechanic; subtly have the webfluid drain a little faster if you're up higher, make it so you can "fuck up" but you're almost never so high up you have to die. you get more dramatic last-moment swoops that way.

(unless you meant mech web blasters, in which case I guess reloading could be quick? spares would be logical to have for that kind of work)


ah, gotcha

I wish you luck, and I hope you don't need it 😃


IIRC there's a few websites for that

unless you meant IRL, in which case search me. I've played a lot of chess but most of it was online or with a bot


well, there's been a lot of those, so I suppose that's why Real Americans keep forgetting to screw it up worse 😜

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Let me get this straight. Fascists' entire aim is brutalizing and killing vast swathes of people, and some asshats are upset fascists are getting milkshakes thrown at them?

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Everyone knows that James Bond has a “license to kill.” As an international spy, he must sometimes fight for his life. But he’s a trained government employee, specially selected for Her Majesty’s Service. But could you trust just anyone with a license to kill?

Let's find out in the short story Red Card in today's newsletter.



* licence**

** look the UKish spelling of this bugged me forever as a kid and now it's your problem too***

*** it's not, this is just nonsense, sorry about that

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@thenomad @kenrachynski @thegibson

the understanding is appreciated, and my apologies again; that kind of mistake is the last sort of thing I want to let myself fall into

it's so fucking weird having an office chair I can fold my legs up into again, I haven't since at least early college

@thenomad @kenrachynski @thegibson

(and yes this is sincere, because if I misunderstood what I believe I misunderstood, that's on me; I normally check that more closely and didn't this time. my mistake.)

@thenomad @kenrachynski @thegibson

> people suggesting fascists should wear milkshakes

> cheering them


okay: I have fucked up pretty hard and I owe you one hell of an apology, and I am really, really sorry. this was my fuckup.

(admittedly it did stem from a visual perception fuckup I have where I see one person's post as being aligned with another person's icon)

but I have done a MUCH more careful reread and I'm pretty sure I owe you an apology. I misunderstood what you were agreeing and implying.

this is 💯% on me, my bad.

sorry about that. 😖

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