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Oh, I reimagined my laptop tonight... maybe it was Youtube's last server?

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k, a few of the hackerrank challenges done, resting the weak mind for a bit

gotta hit the store later, might have some time to try to finish one of the HRs I couldn't get through

christ my Perl is rusty


they probably should have specified what a *human* tells it to do, yeah

at least, it was humans until Gates uploaded himself, now machines make their own decisions

that's why he's public so rarely now, nobody wants to admit it's the truth but we all know it is

well, I wanted to find ways to make my own custom monogreenesque h.t style, this'll help :)

-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, that'd do it

found it

webkit is setting it to a color that has full transparency, looks like


95% of why I say "interesting" is that now I can use a console and look at *why* it's happening :D


heh, this is amazing

something broke in terms of this browser's display now, and this is a different browser entirely from my mobile, where I was having the same issue (i.e., all non-expanded-toot text is the same color as the background AND the same color as highlighting -- which makes all the text invisible unless I expand each toot)


doing one of those "learn to code" websites to see how much my skills have oxidized, and the answer is: way too fuckin' much

nothing to do but start exercising those pathways again

w/e, I'll get where I need to

Sliding into your EDR infrastructure like,

@TMWReviews @staticsafe

yeah, I'm assuming there's already a floating handful of scrapesites specifically to go around the adblock without even accessing the site directly

and then of course there's the arms race reality: they block adblock users, something else comes into existence to fill the gap that's less detectable

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@thegibson @nobody

I had some this morning



I was too, but I'm working on it and urge the same for you, srsly

we all rely on other people's but rarely create our own, and it's unnecessary opaqueness


you should make a few designs of that and set up a micro store online with them, they'd sell like hotcakes