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Would someone be willing to draw me a ham sandwich with speakers attached?

Captioned "Totally not a pirate ham radio" ?

10/10 would commission if you have example work and respond with a price / turnaround.

boost for visibility please :borglove:

back into for now, see what my cognitive output looks like


> I can see how this would be a valuable service for a pharmacy to offer.

which was exactly my thinking, yeah -- pharmacies may be trying to become a bit more specialized and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing

(altho if my local CVS stops carrying breakfast cereals I will cut all the bitches ever, I need my fucking sugar pops)


IIRC CVS is trying to provide this as a free service now, helping people find prescription discount systems and manufacturers coupons for medications that they need

IMO, eventually this will shove another part of the decision process into the hands of the pharmacists versus the doctors, which is probably at least a slight improvement and at worst a lateral move

but if there's a CVS you can try to use for that one scrip and you can go there to try it, maybe it'll help? :\ (I might have the pharmacy brand wrong, you'll wanna search it up first)


the unavailable are emergent until we un-execute maintained service

wtf 5k characters? did I go super saiyan and forgot or was this a general change and I forgot


you could do worse

(I can't because I relate way too much to the characters and I'll be a blubbering mess the whole time)

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ok, testing the WIFI rifle this morning... just picked up what appears to be a signal from a psych practice 1 km away...

so I've got that going for me... which is nice.

@thegibson @mwlucas

smash cut to the scene of Eric Idle's detective inspector being consumed by an alien blancmange

k, so, if all the adserving corps collude to overwhelm all the other bots, would that technically be the least expected possible reverse treason, or


hmmm, warmth activated faux football around a trained owl payload, make the sabot twelve identical long pieces that falling will look like stray feathers to an unsuspecting visual cortex


"You don't cook hash, you accumulate it."

- correspondence with Martin Gardner, mathematician and puzzlist

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Caring for yourself isn't weakness.

Caring for others isn't weakness.

found myself a power exboard for 0Ws, very happy about that find

still gotta check the quality and reliability of the hardware I think is in the thing, but it's a start on a project 😃




and it made me feel much older DAMMIT HACKERS

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