if ppl saying "I don't want to encourage Nazis" is met with "but then it's not FOSS"

you realize you're claiming FOSS *needs* Nazis, right?

that somehow they're contributing something?

that somehow they are valuable?

that somehow their ideas are important?

they're shitstains either profiting from hate or actively trying to kickstart a genocide.

if FOSS dies without Nazis, then let it die


Then we can rebuild it to be resistant to it in the future. Truely horizontal management, no BDFLs or leaders.


I only imagine that being possible with no humans and we're not at that point yet, unfortunately

(hopefully soon the planet will be cleansed but I'm not holding my breath)

@solder_on i'm very much of the belief that FOSS is garbage and that it will be its own undoing

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