housemate just burst into my room

him: JAMES!!
me: ..yeah?
him: its not funny
me: excuse me
him: james im not KIDDING
me: ...?

he looks very worried. he hands me this torn piece of a card

him: please tell me you did it
me: ...
him: i just opened the cutlery drawer and this was on top
me: i got a spoon out the drawer ten minutes ago and there was nothing..?
him: SO DID I

it's 10 o'clock at night. nobody else is in the flat. the door is locked. the windows are closed. we are fuckin TERRIFIED

@envgen prob stuck above the drawer for as long as you lived there yeah? That's what I'd figure anyway :)

@dirething we considered that but we've been here 6 months and the people here before us werent a family, and the minimum tenancy is 1 year so if thats the case it was stuck there minimum a year and a half


@envgen @dirething

some adhesives become brittle over time; if it was stuck there by a bit of food or something somehow, that timeframe's possible?

other than that, maybe the people before overfilled the drawer and that's been in the back getting jostled for a while?

other than that? RUN, SCOOB

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