them: tech is a tool, like a hammer

me: maybe it's a tool like a stove, where leaving it on without good purpose or with no purpose is actually quite destructive in many cases, and it can easily be used for purposeful destruction

Gas stove you mean…
A hammer may be used for purposeful destruction as easily, although it's performance for that would be much lower and require more skills.

you can burn a house down with an electric with minimal ingenuity

Electric heating elements tend to die pretty quickly, if you exceed the allowed temperature. Also, the controllers, automatically switching them off, are easier/cheaper to implement than with the gas.
OTOH, I don't claim they're no more dangerous than a rubber duck…


oh, they're SAFER by yards

but it's the difference between a modern firearm and a last-century one in some ways

modern gas stoves have failsafe mechanisms that approach towards the safety level of electric stoves

yet both are foiled if you simply lay a long dish towel across them and make sure a few flammables in the kitchen are "unfortunately near"

(which is as close to a point as I was ever trying to make saying it at all, honestly)



we all know nothing is safe; if you have to rub someone out in theory you could grind up a chalkboard eraser and feed it to them (and feel free to look into where THAT analogy element was stolen from, good luck). but as you said, it's not as safe as a rubber duck.

hammers are a lot closer, esp in terms of unleashed tools of destruction like 'fire' hidden within it that grow without attendance under the right circumstances

if you can get an easy, obvious snowball rolling (or fire started) with it, it's not a simple tool, is my rough thinking here

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