"but if I don't document the code, I can never be cut out of the development loop!" said the fool, as a bus rammed into them at top speed and caused a massive crisis for possibly several hundred thousand people or more


During the t-shirt economy years, I tried to design a shirt for Murphy's Law Bus Lines with the slogan "Running over the people you can't live without since 1949"


you should make a few designs of that and set up a micro store online with them, they'd sell like hotcakes

@solder_on @nobody

well they aren't called coldcakes.... now are they?

I'll take two.


I was too, but I'm working on it and urge the same for you, srsly

we all rely on other people's but rarely create our own, and it's unnecessary opaqueness

Huehuehue my last boss thought that people who documented their code were idiots who didn't know shit about programming.

@solder_on who's the real fool, as it's not that person's problem anymore

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