Hey Fedi,

My housemate has accessibility issues, and we're probably going to need to get her a new laptop soon. Does macOS or Windows have good voice typing/navigation options? We already know that Linux is kinda crap for that.

@socketwench I have used voice typing in both Windows and Macintosh.

Microsoft's Office applications have much better voice interpretation. But the stuff default on the Mac isn't shabby.

I can't speak to the navigation, however. Hope that helps.


MacOS is pretty good with voice stuff. I would recommend (to the extent possible) getting a dry run with each. I know a lot of blind users who prefer Mac to Windows, FWIW.

@socketwench afaik macOS is the most configurable when it comes to accessibility stuff (most people I know who have disabilities choose to use Apple).

@socketwench Re #GNU / #Linux being crap - did you ever have a look at #ADRIANE? It is a "talking #desktop", supports #braille, available as part of #KNOPPIX and activated by entering adriane as an option on startup.

@socketwench windows 8 and 10 have made some good steps in accessibility over the last few years. I've not had anyone specifically requesting that those be set up but I've poked around some and it seems useful with options. Chromebook are meh, my grandmother did not find them useful but she's still learning what a "mouse click" is 😕

@socketwench if not there may be 3rd party tools that can help fill gaps

are they totally without use of their hands? if not, what kind of mobility/dexterity do they have?

i've been working on a bunch of keyboard things lately and have been investigating options for improving computer use for those with limited hand dexterity/mobility/etc ; if this is something that might be helpful feel free to DM me and we can setup a side channel for some info exchange

@socketwench @mwlucas Considering how much energy and money Apple put into accessability features I would look in that direction first.

@socketwench @c0debabe judging from macOS promotional videos it looks pretty solid I'm sure there are less biased demonstrations online

@socketwench If you need that, I'd say go with MacOS. Windows has voice typing, Windows + H, but MacOS has full navigation of the UI with ... I can't remember the setting but it's in system prefs > Accessibility. She can also use Siri for finding files, texting, emails, all that.

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