We really need federated web search. Social media and video platforms are good, but we can't trust that DDG and the like will remain upstanding forever.

Here's the thing, it's not like this doesn't almost exist already. Solr + Nutch can give you a small scale solution. Even with DistributedSearch it's not *really* federation. It's good for a Corp or a uni, but not a big G or DDG.

The index needs to be distributed and fault redundant, with anonymity at it's heart.

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@socketwench Absolutely agree. Seems like a hard nut to crack though. You will have to outperform Google, DDG and all other centralized approaches, which seems hard to me.

@socketwench I agree,that is very important.Maybe you will find interesting.It is a decentralized and federated search engine which has been around for years.Search results are ok at the one instance I could find but I can't remember the address.And yes,maybe DuckDuckGo as a for-profit company relying heavily on third-party results won't live forever but there are also independent search engines like or (open source) which have their own search index or open source meta search engines like which just grab the results from bigger engines without requiring a API key and they'll always find their ways around blocks.Maybe it will become harder to run a privacy-friendly search engine some day but we'll always have a choice,even if the bigger ones decide to cut down the APIs for privacy search engines.

@socketwench AFAIK #Searx is trying to do federated search, but it's definitely not perfect yet. I take your point though, and think it's something worth working on.

@socketwench I'm of the feeling that it needs to be based in some way on torrent and magnet links with a few federated servers telling searchers who has data on those terms. The end users would store data about the sites they visit, plus a few more and feed that to searchers. The more popular, the more metadata holders.

There only thing is that there would need to be an ability to rate/block bad users who alter metadata, like bots or virused computers.

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