did you know that once a year, Canadians celebrate "Goose day" where they channel all their negative energy into creating "Geese" which they send south.

They usually end up as pillows and coats.

Texas secedes... ok so the Blues get the senate majority, vote in PR, DC and GUAM - YES GUAM THE ONLY OTHER COUNTRY TO USE NOT METRIC and they become states, So reds lose 24 seats in the house and that idiot Ted Cruz is gone?

Sounds like a fair deal

to quote a member of the herd

Ted Cruz
Fuck that guy

ping ophie for stickers

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Abe Froeman.

The sausage king of Chicago.

Where does one find a vtube model maker (not software, a person)

i know this place is no gatekeeping but can we gatekeep corporations harvesting our data?

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@TheGibson I just want to use the internet without it using me 😭😭😭😭

It is Monday and this week is going to be a little crazy, hold on to your butts!

I need a mental health thing that involves time and me not feeling like this

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I think I solved this..

You are considered a person when you can be claimed as a tax deduction


Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

people getting banned off of the blueshitbirdplace for posting Silent Hill screenshot leaks

Iraq and Afghanistan were pretty cool before religion ruined them

oh hello USA

Day 6 of Covid, humanity sucks and I'm surprised this hasn't wiped out more of you.

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Felt like a minor celebrity in a niche corner of a dying social media platform, might delete later

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New furbaffe made :)
Give this beautiful nightmare a home?

All companies do things that make the privacy literate unhappy, yet we are powerless to stop the capitalist engine from chewing up and spitting out humanity.
The last time we were this upset her majesty mentioned something about us eating brioche.

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