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Police can and will prevent people who are "too smart" from joining the police force.

In the fall of 1996, Jordan learned that the city of New London was interviewing candidates. Upon further inquiry, however, he learned from assistant city manager Keith Harrigan that he would not be interviewed because he "didn't fit the profile." Plaintiff, who was 46 years old, suspected age discrimination and filed an administrative complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. The city responded that it removed Jordan from consideration because he scored a 33 on the WPT, and that to prevent frequent job turnover caused by hiring overqualified applicants the city only interviewed candidates who scored between 20 and 27.

Rough Mondays need flight sim time to cool down.

It's easier and cheaper to pay for my VPN with crypto but some employers still make people deal with checks.

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‪When you forget to comment out stuff, but code is already in production ‬

Looking for a powerful Pi-like SoC with dual gigabit NICs and good openssl/openvpn performance (AES hardware acceleration ideally).

Anything, anyone?

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