Being off these meds has been pretty amazing, minus the withdrawal.

I have been programming as if I'm making up for over a year of inability! @_@

How do you fix a chatty key on a mechanical keyboard?

My current predicament:

Do I continue to write my project in Python, or do I write it in a different language that I want to learn?

My biggest fear is that the project will die if I decide to try a new language. Not that it has gotten far as of yet.

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You don't drink enough water

This is as much a reminder to myself as it is to you.

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I am exhausted and it seems this is the state I must be in, to have inspiration to program.

Sorry inspiration, can you bottle up 'til I wake?

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what if all jobs were phrased like "attorney at law"?

programmer at computer

chef at food

barista at coffee

surgeon at brain

I feel naked when I don't self-host. And it is weird.

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going home: cd
going home but in a flirty way: cd ~

I need to figure out where to find my motivation again.

Good night, friends. It's early and I haven't slept near enough.

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