I have nothing to say about this.

I'll see some of you again in several weeks.

@signal9 I love Borges, and this is one of his great stories. What an amazing rendition of the idea!

@signal9 this is great. I just spent the last 30 min reading it.
this made me laugh
"We’ve decided to use a 26-letter alphabet to acknowledge the implicit Englishness of our library (one might think of it as Engl-ish). There are as many possible “total” libraries as there are character sets, and there is no limit on what could be included. The permutations of an ideographic writing system, for example, would be fascinating to undertake."

@signal9 I was sort of pleased and disappointed to realize someone had beaten me to making this, hahaha. Maybe to make it in VR...

@signal9 make sure to bring enough cookies, tea and dental floss with you.

This is insane...

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