The thing that is not as good about Flask as Django is the ORM. I want a flask backend otherwise that just has Django ORM.

Now if only I will keep updating it. If you see any errors lmk, haven't used it yet.

I'll take constructive CSS criticism from anyone who is bored and good enough to give it... 

In other news, CSS is the bane of my existence right now.

Space between the vertical group of buttons on the right and the content area just don't care what I do. That one little area won't remain consistent at varying viewports (shown in three images)

I've used media queries and variety of moves to make it not be worse than this.

But there is always that one thing that won't do what you want it to do.

Frontend is such a waste of time for me. I spend too long tinkering back and forth trying to get things to look right and even when some things start to work a lot better...

It's such a time consuming thing to fiddle back and forth...

When I'm finished with a session of working on some front end thing...

There is always one fucking area of space that I don't feel like looking for the cause of anymore because at least things aren't overlapping on top of one another in some horrible fashion.

So for now random space, enjoy life. I'm done with you for now.

Because I'm so late to the coding game, I feel like every moment that I'm not doing it is wasted time because how else will I catch up. But... I just have not felt like it lately. It is what it is.

I will most likely spend my days thinking about idiomatic code and not really doing all that much with it. Whatever.

I'm slightly bummed that there is another community on the Internet where I realize I don't really belong. I don't want to do the thing where I dramatically leave. But I don't want to be active in there either. Thing is, if I don't leave, I'll probably just end up posting there again as this feeling fades. Hrmm... Decisions.

I just got called a Bernie Bro. What is this, 2016?

Unpopular opinions:
1) Free Speech Nexus Where We All Debate Each Other = a Trash Idea
2) Circle Jerk Extremist Party Where We All Believe the Same Shit And Talk Politics All Day = Also Trash Idea

People in business are sensitive as fuck rn about hearing from the working class.

Every morning I go though, "Where are my glasses?" I don't understand why I haven't figured this problem out yet.

I should probably go to bed instead of self loathe over not getting free money. But yall now we broke ass people be. We love free money.

I need to quit pretending I'm a programmer and get a job I'm qualified to do.

I'm mad as hell about not getting a stimulus check.

Weirdly, after millions of 410 responses trying to spoof as Google's screen reader and other UA strings, they finally just sent me the article.

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