if I was rapper, my first single would be ya boi --no-cache bash on the crontab steady getting cash

And if you die in your dreams, you die in the real life. I know that because I've never died in my dreams. And I have an impaired sense of logical reasoning due to my innate abilities as an empath.

I believe it was Descartes who held that fart in so long he exploded.

BTW I literally wrote all this code just so that I could have access to two commands that already exist in tailwindcss-cli binary accessible from my manage.py with the rest of my build scripts.

Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

hit circle to flip the tables
rotate joy1 to curse the fig tree

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Remember in old god of war how Kratos would be like, "ZEUUUSSS" in angry defiance..

what if this time, Kratos steps out of Norse myth and he goes to Galilea and has to kill Jesus, the three wisemen, and mary magdalene.


And in this game, Kratos gives his one begotten son (the one from the last Norse myth game) to save all of humanity because the one true God is going to drown the realm in a second great flood because Kratos did not offer the foreskin of that son in observance of the covenant or whatever.

So now he's doing quick time event sequences while fasting in the desert and shit to prove that he is the one true god of war

And the next sequel, he can do hindu...

You ever feel the depressive swing coming that hasn't come yet but you know it's coming soon.

I wish I had my own private frontend engineer that can make whatever I want no matter how stupid and its taken care of on the frontend side.

Imagine if you had a Millennium Falcon that could produce infinite Return of the Jedis

My precommit hooks keep adding a non unicode character to the end of my requirements.txt files... It's kind of getting on my nerves but I'm not sure which one it is or how to stop it from affecting that file.

Part of me thinks that it must be from working on Windows and Linux at the same time on the same project structure on the same file system.

I love my new approach to project structure.

Before, I had many projects. Often times I had duplicated code from one project to another, with variations of the same thing here and there.

I would work on something a lot only to need to re-implement it elsewhere where I could use it with what I was doing currently.

Fuck that.

Everything. In. The. Same. Project.
Massive Branching VCS setups and Directories to a million things...

In the same codebase.

Do I test the 107 refactoring changes added in one commit to a new branch from the trunk? Or... do I test it tomorrow after writing a note to myself to test it first thing and reset if necessary?

# 123 link to related/same issued

"This issue is important to me because of the reasons

insert link to docs of relevant package

> it says here that....

# 456 also someone was working on a PR that failed to pass tests.


"When you really want a feature to be added"

Self indulgent blogging in the docs of the project about what lines of code to write are better lines than the bad code you'll write if you don't have the solution yet.

Most productive lines of code I wrote today... are documentation markup.

"I've been trying out a few possibilities and I'm not set on anything yet. So let's bring this to a docs page. The most critical thing I would like to establish here is that I think it would be a complete waste of time to start dockerizing staging/production Node containers for React Apps of any size at this time. "

I have no idea what I was thinking when I entered this into the shell

sudo find / -type f -exec perl -i -pe "s/old-name/new-name/g;" {} +

I just was not thinking at all. I don't know what broke but I know.

find . | grep -E "(__pycache__|\.pyc$)" | xargs rm -rf No regrets.

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