If someone is a victim, find the predator. Watch him. Say nothing to either party. Prey on his weakness. Find them from having also watched their prey. Expose him. Teach both where they went wrong by doing nothing but this: Patch the solution. Write up the report to reproduce the flaw.

The weak must have defense by the strong. The alternative is no strength at all.

I have nothing to hide. Investigate. You'll only find commitment to the craft.

I want to take back my real name. When you search for me, I want you to know you're not seeing a mugshot, but my github, my linkedin, and my activity on a hacker space where laws are abbided by and security professionals welcome me.

Everyday I have you to thank for your forgiveness and love @ryen

McDonalds and Walmart can pay their employees a living a wage, or... I can pay them for every month this Raspberry Pi is plugged in at your stores.

The choice is yours.

Most days I feel like, "The Scandinavian model is the realistic approach to socialism. You guys need to calm down."

But some days, man.... I feel like the only solution is to murder every capitalist.

That sense of nihilism—albeit nihilism painted in bright colors—is perhaps what makes vaporwave so fascinating. Vaporwave’s sound and visuals are about terribleness, and satirize that terribleness to the point of making it good again. By consuming it, we’re accepting the foibles and awfulness of capitalism, bad graphic design, war, technology, heck, even ourselves. And we’re getting in on the joke. In that way, vaporwave is ultimately postmodern—almost Dadaist—merging high and low; good and bad. It’s blindly, optimistically futuristic.

“Vaporwave is the music of ‘non-times’ and ‘non-places’ because it is skeptical of what consumer culture has done to time and space.” The genre presented a unique critique of the marriage of art and capitalism in a way that’s both earnest but utterly insincere, emerging just after the 2008 global financial crash and, interestingly, at a time when the Muzak corporation went bankrupt.

Vaporwave designs are like posters that promise the bubble hasn’t burst, thrust in front of the eyes of those who know it definitely has. They sell us a Bitcoin-built time-share utopia we will never be able to afford, and probably wouldn’t want to stay in anyway.

What it's like to be American if you're from the UK. 

Imagine parliament is trying to decide what to do about some thing. It's currently 2021. They go into a room. Someone describes the situation.

Then some other guy comes in and is like, "IN 1215 KING JOHN OF ENGLAND AFFIXED HIS SEAL ON THE MAGNA CARTA"

And then they decide that barons should not be taxed to pay for war with France.

Deleting my Twitch Account 

I deleted my Twitch account, which I normally never log into anyway because I don't use chat. But now the account is gone, and the reason why is....

I'm tired of giving my Twitch prime subscription to someone.

If I could just give it to one person and be done with it, that person gets it every month, cool I would do that.

But because of the way it is, its something I have to think about.

And so, the existence of my prime link seeds the thought, "Oh, I could give this person some money, why not, I'm enjoying this right now."

But it's just a trick to lure me back into my account that I dont want to log into.

That's really what Twitch has become: And while I'm not the person dropping 100 dollar donations everyday, I tire of logging into that service where all there is to do:

1) Give money to a streamer.
2) Join the annoying mob a streamer can't stand
3) Gamble for stupid points.

The list goes on. The place is manipulative and shitty. So to the person who no longer gets my shitty prime sub, I'm sorry.

I'm done.

my fantasy for a relationship that isn't possible 

Girl is pretty. She leaves and has vibrant life she is happy to come tell me about at the end of every day. We don't have sex (often), and we have designated touching time that ends. Somehow, her desire for passion is fulfilled by something other than me. Yet she always returns.

a fever dream of nostalgia for a time that never existed

Someone told me, "Vaporwave isn't real music." I got the chance to respond with this.

I got my second shot. I have to say, with all variants and mutations, I don't feel exactly soothed by this.

But its a thing and I'm preparing to be sick tomorrow.

Unfortunately it won't stay down. But any outage costs them money and...

Who am I kidding. They just find shitty ways to make up for the losses like any company.

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