It sucks to be part of a growing community on the web2 with an admin who isn't technically savvy, and approaches new users with a, "We can trust everyone!" attitude. Even as the trolls start to enter, they remain idealistic. It makes me strongly aware that it won't be long before one of my spaces online is turned into a dump.

Does your table for two always end up a table for one? Tired of making reservations for plans that fall through? Forget the hassle and join the Lonely Diners Club! We'll set the table with as many places as you desire, so long as you eat alone. We'll even provide motionless holograms of your intended dining partners for a small fee!

I've become the type of person who has bad dreams every night.

This is my friends vapor talkshow. I'll be around there for an hour.

Feels good to see faces showing back up around here lately...

Missed you all.

Feeling as sad as I possibly can with 情報デスクVIRTUAL is the best feeling I have ever known.

depressed and online 

I really need to stop using the Internet. There was a time that I loved the online departure. But I don't anymore. And I've put myself in a situation where if I abandon it, I have nothing socially. If I could burn down every data center in the world, I would I think.

self hatred is peaking so that's a good thing right? but what if scientists are wrong and self hatred isn't even into the curve?

When I first got into programming, I played around with this modern demoscene software intended for livestreaming stuff with live updating GLSL built into it.

I cannot for my life remember what its called. Can anyone else help me get what I'm thinking of?

I hate working with colors in RGB.

It's an infinitely nested representation of possible universes; if you can't see the picture just play with it yourself

Do people actually use arch? I installed it once on a VM and I thought it was utterly absurd that the type of people who are increasingly focusing on automated deployment would go through the minutia of configuring an arch installation.

How old am I?
I'm at the age where this is the third time I've woke up to pee tonight so I give up trying to sleep.
Age is just a number.

This comedy video randomly and unexpectedly gets dark and depicts uncomfortable situation being filmed that you may not like. 

I gotta be honest. A part of me really hates writing that warning because it ruins the film for me to tell you what happens. So you guys have to be proud of me that I did it anyway.

"But you program, you love technology!" - a random person responding to your cynicism about technology

Also, if you enjoy this, you might also like "Building a Better World" by Telepath and Cat Corp

It's not clear to me how much this album is similar to the solarpunk approach to framing the possible future in a more positive way, or... if it's ironic mockery of the progress suggested by industrialists. Either way, it's another solid ambient vapor album.

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I see get mentioned around here and thought maybe you guys would appreciate this album

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