You can't simulate a click on cross origin iframe by using a reference hook on a container? I beg to differ.

Maybe we'll just agree to disagree and I'll not embed your iframe.

mad at myself after finding advertising scripts i allowed to get into my scheduled tasks... 

I found a task that was in my windows scheduled tasks. Feel so violated. Like something I did was stupid enough to make me deserve it -- a bad way to look at it.

REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /f /v mywindowsuser/t REG_SZ /d "explorer.exe http[]][[:///]]"

According to the web, this is "a legitimate advertising service that website publishers use to generate revenue on their sites"

Legitimate business is more criminal than i have ever been in my life.

as of now i can only successfully ping the docker interface itself, not the containers and their ips.

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so I decided to not try to write complex docker-compose files to learn it, and instead I just put up a default image of postgres and another one of pgadmin.

So like... the docker ip
postgres container is
pgadmin container is you get the idea ...

This is all on a local server. -- the idea was being able to connect to this database from all over my local network, not just the machine running the dock0 interface that has the containers on it.

Is there a way to open those up to the LAN? or is that not how it works?

Every time I think I'm going to skip installing an environment for something by just doing some docker magic, I remember that I know less new docker magic that old configuring environment magic. A lot less.

A program shouldn't have a minimum window height and width constraint. Period.

You can't save someone from not being able to see the content they do not have the space to see.

All you can do is force them to suck down the branding and push the elements they would like to minimize into their face.

ah okay, I fixed it. I had to create my own button instead of trying to modify theirs.

It was probably changing the attrs of their buttons they didn't like Still, I wonder if you can manufacture that nonce value if you wanted to.

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They say I can't register an event handler if I don't pass a nonce. What happens if I pass the nonce they use in their script tags?

Really, all I'm trying to do is modify a client side interface. Again... in my own browser.

and yes, an electron application environment counts as "my own browser"

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"They cant stop me from registering an event handler in my own browser can they...?"

Doesn't it suck having to relearn shit you just haven't used in routine for a fraction of a second?

A guide on PowerShell said, "If it's simpler in PowerShell, do it," and then told me how to do this: Get-NetIPAddress -AddressFamily IPv4.

What if I told you it was simpler still to do ip -4 a

OnlyFans/SexWork, Not a Very Hot Take 

Someone on evil social media app said, "I just think people should have to work for their money," in response to OnlyFans/SexWork. "My opinion is my opinion," he concluded. I held, "It's a bumpkin ass redneck town opinion," after finding his other social site easily and seeing he was indeed from bumpkin redneck town.

Is it a crime against humanity that "Open PowerShell Here" is not a default Explorer context option?

It's the little things like this that make me dislike using Windows. I just want there to be a text file at some location that I can open and read the comments and documentation included in the file itself.

I want it to have a man page, maybe. I want it to direct me right to the power options I need by default and warn me about it in the comments not in an alert prompt accessed from an option menu found within a tab, after clicking a button, in an another tab of another option menu.

I know that all these things can be done in Windows more or less. But my god if the process of learning how to look under the hood isn't depressing there.

I'm thinking about spinning up a fresh VM with nothing -- and I mean, like nothing -- to be my command line environment for windows. I'm realizing that using an old Kali installation that was for a different use case than this is kind of silly. It's just that it's already set up, it runs linux commands and gives output on targets that exist on a Windows file system; that's what I need it to do.. But eventually I will get around to using a lighter VM for this.

lifehack: find . -name 'node_modules' -type d -prune -print -exec rm -rf '{}' \;

"Rate My Setup" satire, non-sensitive images of my desk area, an entire blog post worth of text content in a single toot 

The right monitor screen, without the white box and the glasses case stacked vertically between the bottom frame of the screen and the base platform, would fall forward screen first.

I kept the second image kind of dark (it's the back after all) but the thing to know is that, the mechanism that is supposed to clamp on the bottom and make that pillar able to hold up the monitor is missing a piece or some foundational structure on the base is broken such the screw doesn't clamp anymore.

Despite this, I propped it up on a rickety box (that should probably be heavier than it is really).

An empty container of Yoplait yogurt stuffed with weighted refuse and a half pint mason jar to either side of the load bearing structure are fail safes. Were the glass case to slip out (which it could not do easily), these objects could potentially hold the monitor up as well.That is why they are there.

(Right) You can tell its Windows from the PowerShell branding that is recognizably awful even with lofi filter placed on the image. I mostly hate Windows, but sometimes I have to use it anyway. (See Next)

(Left) That's a Kali VM on VMWare I originally made to do CTF hax0r stuff but now I mostly use when using Windows because I like it better than WSL and it still works. I need a Linux command line interface or I suck at computers.

Xubuntu is running on that HP 11 Stream PC, which makes it an infinitely more usable device. It's mostly just an SSH client and a network monitor (If you look carefully you will notice the Ralink RT3070, dual-band interface)

Also of note... My desk is missing the front left leg, so it stands on only three legs. This is only possible due to small shelves that widen the support of the right legs. If you were to lean on the desk, it would potentially give way and everything would fall down.

I almost left the machine out of the setup post, since the glass panel on the case was in retrospect an awful idea, one that perpetually reveals that the obnoxiously marketed video card and motherboard are perpetually covered in unsightly dust. So, I filtered that image black and white to evade the stupid red MSI lights and to minimize how severely dusty the inside is while also showing that the inside of computers are dusty. Which I apparently didn't think about when I bought a glass panel case, but you know, it fits the aesthetic I'm going for now.

The drawer pulled out with all the things plugged into the power supply and such is my cable management solution that makes it easy to mop my floor without worrying about the electricity. Since the mechanism that is supposed to attach the drawer to the base of the cubby hole on a railing no longer attaches correctly, the drawer is very frustrating to use traditionally.

You will notice rolling papers, a lighter, and a container of hand sanitizer if you look closely. These details were intentional and underline the theme I was going for.

"Rate my setup."

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