My $HOME structure

bin - shell scripts are added to path
desktop - current workspace -- files should not remain here
dev - symlinks to paths mounted on the fstab
docs - documents of any kind
gets - incoming files from the net, unsorted in reveiving
gui - mostly kde and qt software themes, extentions, etc
media - contains pictures, sounds, videos, etc
projects - mostly python projects, but also Java, and others
repos - for clones and pulled down non-projects
scripts - single files or snippets without x permissions
vapor - when dirs from projects needs to be out of the way
www -- things that consist mainly of html, css, and js

Omg. Its nearly 3am... πŸ˜–β€‹
How did this happen.

Then again, its not like I dont have dozens of emails, many of which are all filtering spam in some capacity.

I think that spammers are going to find the email if I post it on a keyserver. Its probably better just on my static site where the traffic is quantifiable and minimal unless someone is really looking for me specifically.

Where do you guys host your gpg public keys for legitimate identity. Assume no hiding is going on here.

How do you feel about the MIT keyserver? Would you not just rather post it on your own static site?

What is the most used for this use case, or does it just vary by who you're communicating with?

gpg --gen-key

Drake meme part 1 πŸ™…β€‹

gpg --full-generate-key and
What keysize do you want? (3072) 4096

Drake meme part 2 :blobcatyes:​

I may have to write another blog post on my static site explaining the other things I did trying to separate activity from the Google account on ChromeOS Linux.. There is too many things to show to illustrate it. But TLDR, Google is deeply in the machine.

I Put ChromeOS on a Shitty Old Laptop with Brunch: anecdotal takes; links to repos for repeating the procedure; pointless screenshot and a 0.9megapixel selfie taken with this marvel of man machine. 

So yeah.... I put chromeos on a shitty HP Stream 11 notebook. The screenshot is showing that chromeos has a Linux terminal alongside a dock of Google smart app icons. The contents of the IO are not important -- neither is the selfie. Let me explain why I did this and how I feel about it.

Lately I've been struggling with often needing access to apps you can only use on a smart phone. Not often. But often enough that you start to notice that its a problem when you go without smart devices for a while.

Mostly, it's 100% improvement of your internet life to quit smart devices. But there are exceptions.

Chromeos can natively run Android apps, which you almost never want to resort to if you can avoid it. Having the option of using apt to source software is juxtaposed rather soberly against the alternative of opening the GooglePlay store.

I made a Google account specifically for this device and I try to avoid using it for anything. You cant let the Linux terminal fool you. I tried pretty hard to isolate the machine from the Google account I connected it to.

Try to change the password with passwd for instance on the Google account connected user, which you can't log out of without killing the machine.

You can su into root, but there's always a process running that you can't close to change things for the google user. and making changes to the account otherwise literally gives passwd: Authentication token manipulation error which means that your Linux account is attached to Google completely.

I haven't attempt chroot into the machine and login without booting, therefore without logging in with Google user account, but I suspect that at best, if I was able to break things, it would break a lot of things.

Maybe I'll try it later.

Either way, Google is deeply in your Linux on chromeos. But this is a cleaner solution for me than running some of the Androidx86 in VM, which I tried and had a lot of trouble with.

And in my opinion, an "hackin-chromeos" laptop is better than an actual smart phone, mainly because you will most likely not use it the same way that you would use a phone, reducing reliance on what I'll simply call "phone bullshit" for the purposes of this post.

You can avoid paying for a chromebook by using brunch on whatever crap laptop you have. You're technically not even violating TOS by doing this -- Google wants you using chrome os. Make no mistake.

The procedure for installing the OS is different than what you are used to. Read the instructions carefully as if you have never made a boot drive before.

In conclusion, this is how I was able to take a 0.9 megapixel selfie for the first time in since the last time I had a smart phone.

The quality is just bad enough for me to post it to the Internet.

I will watch your mom without ads by clicking here.

Part of me wants to play with making a simple MUD just for fun, using Evennia. It technically supports SSH, though the lead developer told me that its untested because the MUDDing community is fairly attached to their third party clients that rely on telnet. It's got me thinking, we could have the worlds first SSH MUD and we could just say, "Fuck all these old clients." But the reality is, if the people already playing MUDs are not going to play it, most likely no one is. So I might just accept the inherently insecure nature of it to make one for fun. Or, I might just fork the project, work on a few things, and throw it into my vapor directory by next week. I wonder which one it will be..

If someone is talking and they lead into, "If you're on Windows...", I close my eyes as my heart drops into my chest for a moment and I wait, hoping the next thing they will say is, "Figure it out yourself."

Wouldn't it be cool if you could invite people into a garage and treat it like a software repository.

"Please, everything here is backed up. If you see something, don't be afraid to break it. I can easily pull another one down."

I just had this fantasy where I'm at a government office somewhere applying for something important. Maybe reporting for probation if i was still on it...

They ask who I am. I tell them

"First name: pkill $(cat
Last Name:"

Friends call me killcat.

If you've ever been on probation, you know how they just look at you like scum no matter what you say, just walking up in the line.

I like to imagine the look it would change to after that.

I need to somehow wade through the sheer quantity of vapor projects that are literally suffocating the life out of things I am actually working on.

ls -tl ~/projects/ | head

It's a start.

So, I watched the Social Dilemma today as I'm sure many of you have.

Here's one article that covers it and another that completely mocks it.

I will go into this saying that the criticism is not wrong. It's campy and uses what feel like manipulative cinematic tactics to make its point.

The documentary even depicts the people behind it in multiple scenarios trying to pitch the idea as if to other developers at a conference.

Its obvious the culture these people are criticizing is the same the one they came from.

The bottom line for me: This represents a transition in social media criticism from

"Facebook is doing bad {thing_people_DONT_care_about}"

"Facebook is doing bad {thing_people_DO_care_about}"

The fact of the matter is, we're mostly alone with our privacy concerns. People don't care about this. They don't see the problems that it results in. They hear "privacy" and they shut down our ideas as if we are paranoids.

We have to stop putting this at the top of our list of reasons social media sucks and transition into what this documentary is trying to do.

It's more than privacy at stake. We've been talking about privacy a while and it's gotten us no where. We need to talk about polarization, depression, other issues that resonate with people.

We just need to do a little bit less of a corny job at it than this film. If you haven't watched it, give it a chance to see what I mean.

I have the type of incurable boredom that comes when your mind doesn't actually want to do anything. It's really that place where the nature of boredom lies. It's a place you can't allow yourself to stay long but when you're there, you're there.

Relatable. Not with Reddit but, I have a series of tools designed to break bad social media habits.

This website is actually part of that toolset for me. I'm not on here everyday, but when I get on here, it helps me get past the compulsion to scroll and post shit without going back to evil Techlord.

I get out of this more quickly because no one's designed it to keep me here.

Serious question. Can you get the coronavirus by eating Chinese food?

Thank God for Version Control.

I haven't touched this project for a week. Turns out, what's on my computer doesn't work anymore, I guess because around the time I quit working on it was when I started getting too turnt and passed out.

What's on the git repo might be a little out dated, but if not for the last time I committed, this entire project would be scraps of idk what the fuck

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