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Allergies have ruined my night. Or maybe, maybe they are just the icing on the cake.

Another thing about designing an experience in the terminal is that peoples color configs could straight up ruin it. But all I can really do is suggest to users what I think they should do while playing it. I dont think id be comfortable with even trying to go further than that.
Controlling a wo/man's terminal would be a crime, truly.

I have been taking making a text game in terminal a little more seriously lately in terms of expressing myself thoroughly. At first. I found it difficult to really want to make one despite that they were the obvious thing I could easily and realistically do.

But... lately I find it hard to prioritize things that are important and just haven't been programming enough. So this is fun.

... is it wrong of me to feel like I somehow need to control the size of the player's terminal to give them the intended experience?:

I'm considering constantly checking for the number of columns... and at least reminding the player how they should be viewing it.


Welp, I just fixed Manjaro with chroot. That was pretty cool. I now see the possibilities. My online friend was telling me that he chrooted into a desktop from a Kindle.

So here is the other Linux problem I have that I'm not necessarily asking for a solution on... I'll just get around to it later when I'm not irritated by it.

For whatever reason, after replacing my Linux partition withanother Linux distro, I am booting into a grub command line.

I can get in by doing...

grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release root
grub> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

It even knows where to find the Windows EFI parition still via doing that.

So... that's another thing I can fix later.

Is there any reason to put a swap partition on an fstab? They have specification for you to do it correctly, but is there a reason to?

Ten Full & Enthusiastic Paragraphs About Linux Installation 

I would like you to know that I unilaterally block desktop notifications pushed from a browser and most anything else. But I did just now accept them from, as an experiment.

What do you guys think of the Trump admin pushing to ban TikTok? I'm not convinced that its the worst idea, although I frankly don't understand why they don't see western apps as equally problematic in terms of national security concerns. I don't know how many things I have discovered about foreigners from FaceBook through my fake,... oops did I say that?

Do you ever fantasize about not coming through for someone when they need you, even just making them wait like an entire 24 hours, knowing that as soon as they are done doing whatever they are doing, you will be answering the phone immediately and that's just how it is?

You never realize how terrible your programs could be until you decide that one of them should be a game.

"Things should be this way."
Things are not that way. Show me how they can work under your assumptions and ideals.
Otherwise, next.

I sometimes wonder what the percentage of all accounts on the Internet that belong to me is. I'm pretty sure the figure would shock any normal individual.

self education update:

I'm to the point in Kotlin where the only path forward now is learning a variety of Java libraries that I have never used before.

Some people told me that Kotlin without Java experience would be hard because of all the shortcuts.

It's not really that. It's the fact that once you get through the large amount of syntactic sugar that there is, there is nothing left but Java libs to figure out.

And... there is no one teaching kotlin who does not assume you already know this.

So... I'm considering looking at Java, but only because there is way out of it via Kotlin.

The thing I miss the most about 90s-2k Internet is that there was significantly less content and people.

I remember I used to have a private life of best friends on the Internet, that people IRL didn't know I had, because not everyone had that going on back then.

But thing is, most people don't have that going on now either. The Internet is a feed of things to scroll. Nothing more.

Yesterday and to some extent right now, my breathing was so irregular and my allergies so profound that I was pretty concerned it might be covid. I always have allergic reactions but I don't always breath heavily as if I'm not getting enough air. Apparently it's "African Dust". I don't know what it is. But it's bad enough that whatever it is, its needs to go or it needs to hurry up and finish the job if it's covid. I'm tired of living with the inability to breathe.

It’s not good to read news that only confirms your beliefs. You should strive to change your own mind always. And when there is no sufficient counter-point, you can be confident.

It's honestly disgusting how many guides are teaching people to install from AUR and not even mentioning keyrings.

I'm pretty sure I'm on board with pacman. It just has everything.

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