Enviro rant, Europe drought, fecking cows 

In drought conditions, people consider the water usage of different crops, and you'll often hear opinions voiced about whether crop X or Y should be allowed because of high water use.

But cattle farming uses more water than practically any crop, indeed cattle will often require *drinking quality water*, and lots of it, but you don't hear people suggesting herd sizes be reduced.

Maybe they fecking well should, though. Ireland is close to a drought right now and we have far more cattle than people, competing with humans and with nature for premium quality water and air and food.

You can help, human! Incentivise fewer cattle by buying less of the associated produce. And maybe ship a letter to a representative about adjusting agri incentives. There are exciting alternatives that will improve your health and require a fraction of the water or land or carbon to produce.

Enviro rant, Europe drought, fecking cows I switched to Soy Milk years ago after seeing an infographic about water and land use of different types of milk. Ended with Soy because of taste, but there is an added benefit - plant based milk can be used and stored for longer then cow milk. Less waste and in my family it's noticeable less waste. Can't remember when was the last time we had to throw out box of soy milk because it spoiled.

Enviro rant, Europe drought, fecking cows 

@potato_lisper Yea, same - the shelf-life advantage is really great. They last longer in the fridge after opening also. I do wish there were 2L cartons, but the lack of food waste almost certainly makes up for the extra (recyclable) cardboard.

I also like that, when rinsing the cartons, one can use the rinsewater on plants as a light fertiliser without risking weird smells.

Enviro rant, Europe drought, fecking cows didn't think about watering plants, thanks for the tip

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