I knew, going into ownership, that on account of being early-stage and hacky, and PinePhone being (by modern phone standards) a bit underpowered, that it would involve some work to make the phone into something I could bear to use daily.

Here's an example though of how the flip-side applies - that I _can put in the work to make it better_:

I wanted áúóéí characters for my Gaeilge, and the built-in keyboards don't provide AltGr which is used to type those in Gnome/Linux. No problem, it seems - I can just change some config files and add either AltGr, or perhaps just make a totally custom and more useful keyboard that lets me switch more comfortably between languages.

This is why I choose a true Linux phone.

OK! Experimentally, I now have a new layout on my keyboard, which appears to be working correctly. :)
I can now type with not only 'síne fada' accented vowels, but also dotted consonants such as were used in the 'seancló' script up to a few decades ago: áóúéí, ṡḋḟġṫṗċḃṁ. So if I feel like being old-skool I can now write my name as "Caṫal" 😁 (pics in readme)

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And because this keyboard layout is based on the built-in 'terminal' layout, it can really be my daily driver keyboard.

I might even throw in a few extra particular-to-me customisations like an extra page for my most common emojis, to save me the bother of switching to the emoji keyboard layout. Don't judge me! I shrug a lot 🤷

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Already discovered a problem with my new custom layout - I forgot to include a "_wide.yaml" variant, so when I turn the phone on its side, the same keyboard layout appears but it's smaller and less useful. :)

This is a somwhat easy thing to fix, but I'll do it tomorrow..

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@seachaint that is incredible! Beannachtaí! (Hope that's the right word)

@athairbirb 😁 Go raibh maith agat a chara. Let me know if anyone in the Gàidhlig-speaking circles might like a keyboard hacked out, too - happy to oblige.
@pfx same goes for Cymraeg of course. I'm surprised how little support is already present in Squeekboard, but then they haven't kinda bothered documenting it at all either. It seems once they got US/Terminal keyboards done, the Purism/Librem folks were basically done :P

@seachaint @athairbirb ha, i've long thought about adding a pull request to anysoftkeyboard, the keyboard i use, to add cymraeg-friendly layouts / a conveniently placed pound sign...

@pfx @athairbirb I never used Anysoft, though there are tons of layouts flooding the FDroid indexes whenever I look for something :P

@seachaint @athairbirb mate i had to bloody install anysoftkeyboard for kurdish just to get the damb thing working :crying_imp_dog_snout:

@pfx @athairbirb Lol, I once did something like this to myself too while trying to expunge bloatware 'system' apps.. Accidentally murdered the built-in keyboard app and had to sideload F-Droid and scroll through all those layouts to find some suitable replacement so I could do anything else with the phone. :blobtired:

@seachaint unsure if anyone I know uses pinephone andis also a Gàidhlig speaker. I'm hoping to get a pinephone at some point, though that's no indication to rush ahead and do it 😉

thank you for the thought! I'll keep an eye/ear out

@athairbirb @seachaint I'm translating LineageOS on and off after Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch got thrown away at Beta stage, so no time for yet another Phone OS... if you'd add the accents for Gàidhlig, we could use the same layout. ⁊ we do like your geeky agusan ⁊, maybe you could add that too

@seachaint > I can now write my name as "Caṫal" 😁


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