do you have opinions about

*whispers*: negative zero


> When an arithmetic operation has an input with an exponent of -128, the result will be nan. Applications are free to use the coefficient as they wish when the exponent is -128, since in that case the coefficient has no arithmetic significance. One possible use is to store object pointers in the coefficient.


@rysiek @cwebber i'm laughing so hard this is the worst idea i've ever heard

@marie_joseph @rysiek @cwebber ... This is what pretty much every JavaScript implementation does ...

@cwebber @marie_joseph @rysiek yeah, variants are implemented by boxing non numbers inside the spare bits of NaNs. You get 52 bits or something like that there?

@rysiek @cwebber @marie_joseph it's basically the One Weird Trick to high performance dynamic language implementations

You stuff your pointers into NANs or you go slow


@erincandescent @rysiek @cwebber @marie_joseph What I'm getting here is that my JS code will run faster if I make it generate more NaNs

@seachaint @erincandescent @cwebber @marie_joseph it's called "NaN mining", or "NaNing". If you're lucky you'll get some "NaN Financial Tokens", or "NFTs". 👍

@rysiek @erincandescent @cwebber @marie_joseph We all remember the landmark animation demo that pushed faster framerates than anything previously shared on the early 'net, "NaNcat"

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