The Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client – would it be possible/advisable to install Linux on it and use it as a small, personal server, for a couple of blogs, NextCloud, maybe turn it into a @freedomboxfndn? Appreciate info from anyone who knows. Thanks!

@forteller @freedomboxfndn I can't speak to that model, but I've been using a Wyze Zx0 as a server and it's ideal. Compared to the "gotcha"-heavy world of SBCs, especially the migraine-inducing Raspberry Pi, the x86 thin clients are a breath of fresh air. After doing a bunch of reading I felt the Zx0's were the best balance, personally.


@forteller @freedomboxfndn Oh I found the site I was trying to remember when you asked. Maybe you've seen this already but it's a collection of info on various models of Thin Client including the Wyze range, including details like mods to add function, available sockets and slots, tricks to install Linux, etcetera:
It was really helpful to me in choosing the model I wanted. I recall now that the ZX0 range won out because they are just on that boundary between "once a thin client, always a thin client" and "small desktop" - you can add RAM and even a SATA drive using a ribbon cable, and it's basically a fanless dual-core computer with Gigabit networking in a neat case. :)

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