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USPol -funny? 

Let bye Dons be bye Dons.
Looking for web comic suggestions. Must have RSS feed. please boost.
Some version of this is my recurring nightmare: *rest of site is NSFW

fucked up that in this, the two thousand and twentieth year of our Miku, microsoft is still charging money for their operating system — and good money at that

online school 

They give all the kids devices that let them get addicted to youtube, then give them youtube videos as part of assignments so I can't dns block it, then act surprised when the kids watch youtube during class instead of listening.

celebrity death 

RIP Alex Trebek. 😢

Banned from the Trek convention over my panel advocating the prefix on Federation ships be changed to UFPS i.e. UFPS Enterprise

Anyone have any (recent-ish) comedy films they can recommend?

USPOL - Bird Site 

I no longer have an account, and haven't even looked at the site in a while. I guessed at 45's account, and was wrong. SO my question is why isn't @therealdonaltrump being used as counter/parody?

USPol - theorising 

Tr*mp did say if he lost he might leave the country. My guess is that will be to Russia or some other place that doesn't have an extradition agreement with the US. He won't stick around for the other shoe to drop.

USPOL - funny

Pro tip: If police come to you and ask your permission to live stream your home security camera from their surveillance center, say no.

Didn’t realize MC Frontalot has a new(ish) LP out. And he (like me) seems to be pretty frustrated with how the internet has gone over the years. Titles such as “internet suck,” “Memes are Stupid,” “Never read the comments,” and my fave so far “IWF (Internetting While Female)” featuring Miss Eaves (and others).
Forgot that there’s a Blue Screen of Death visual joke in Portal 2.

Medical - Personal, but just getting old stuff. 

My MCL* hurts like mad. Brace is helping somewhat. * the left, if you must know.

USPol - Thoughts, predictions, and concerns. 

My biggest concern WRT this election is how a psychopathic narcissist who has never been above 50% in popularity, during the worst pandemic in a century, can still get over 200 electoral votes. I predict the republicans will nominate Don Jr who will decide that the reason his father didn’t get a second term is because he didn’t go far enough. I am serious. The USA needs to be split up before it fails epically.
It’s 66F (19C) in Vermont in November. And it’s supposed to get warmer for the next few days. Oh it snowed on Monday. The only good news this means is that I am not as far behind getting the farm ready for winter as I thought.
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