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Tomorrow I will start brewing my solstice stout, named Figgy Pudding. It will be a milk stout with sweet orange rinds, organic figs, vanilla bean, and finished on French oak chips.

This AI has never heard of #Blaseball but when I gave it the list of existing teams, GPT-3 predicted that these teams will come next.

Confirmed seeing my first Snow Buntings on my property. Been here at least 3 days. Hope they stick around. They are beautiful birds. Photo was taken from car through glass and zoomed. Sorry!

"Who has time for 'Boil, boil, toil and trouble' these days!? I just put that shit in the instant pot."

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@nobody let me know how you like Orfeo please.

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@nobody I got a copy of the ebook via Overdrive. There was a wait. And now I am only 30% through and it is almost due. Will renew and hope it doesn’t take long.

random tree thing 

@nobody weird. Just yesterday I was cruising Google street view to look at the house I grew up in in Derwood, MD and the house Sarah and I had in silver spring before we moved to Vermont. For both I noticed the sizes of the trees. I think this is because I am reading The Overstory right now and have trees on the brain.

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@thegibson @nobody asking such questions just throws a spanner in the works.
My collection of iPhones will start to get smaller on Monday as 2 of these have bids on them. The plan is to only have one β€” the iPhone 12 Pro on the left. 5 of the 7 of these were hand-me-downs from friends and family.

L-R: 12 Pro, 6, SE (original), 5S, 4S, 3GS, 3G
@rd My first tattoo is a matching one I got with my wife the day after we were married: My most recent is a tribute to my late mother:
@rd As I was getting my first I was already thinking about the second. I have a half sleeve of hops on my left. Enjoy and share when you get it!

Be kind to others. We all could use it right now.

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Sweet. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S I listed on eBay each have at least one bid. Yay. Listing my original SE next.

One of the very sad things about the internet is that is gone and so are all the wonderful apps that were built for it. It’s like it never existed and was a fever dream. I can’t remember the name of the Instagram clone that was made for it or what that app was like.

Good morning everyone and goats! For day 27 of #Nicetober - Look disabled people in the eyes, and see the person inside, not the #disability. And please, don't crowd or touch people in a #wheelchair!

Interview with Moxie Marlinspike* * he likes Hackers film
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