@Gargron In the 90s the US had a "line item veto" that allowed the President to remove all the bullshit add ons slipped into spending bills (where most BS is hidden). It was challenged as "unconstitutional" and removed. The result is COVID relief bills will lots of gravy for the rich, and only $600 for everyone else. The US needs a parliamentary government. Only 2 parties will doom democracy.
@pfefferle Worked for one day. I made no changes during that time. Open to ideas :)
@pfefferle @jgoerzen @feditips @view New version has resuscitated my tooting wordpress site. thanks.
@jolteon@elekk.xyz Happy birthday... don't forget to update your profile to reflect it ;)
@Gargron It's a Twitter typo and they meant to type CRAP.
@pfefferle @jgoerzen @feditips @view Just glad it wasn't something I did! Thank you Matthias!
@jgoerzen @pfefferle @feditips Hmmm, my user's account now requires approval to receive a follow? I am seeing the hour glass symbol next to the account (@view) Is that new? And I have no idea how to "allow" someone to follow that account though.
@jgoerzen @pfefferle @feditips Thanks. I don't think that is something I can do. Will it be patched via the wordpress plugins?
@mattcropp SpyFall -- if its not too late to nominate
@c0debabe @thegibson Nope. I’m over my head on this instance. 30 years on the internet and never used /s. Feeling really stupid. Gonna log off for a while.
@thegibson Is Google + still functioning (used in loosest terms)? I thought they sunsetted it.
@Gargron oops. It apparently pre-dates Blogger. http://blogs.harvard.edu/ethicalesq/the-word-blog-our-language-legacy/
@Gargron contact I’ll see if I can find it but Matt Haughey, Evan, and Meg have explained it in the past.

A list of names of Scottish snowplows 

@M0YNG @nobody I don’t believed they are named but here in Vermont one can follow snow plows in real time too. What’s funny is when they aren’t in service they show up off the coast of Africa where equator and prime meridian meet. http://plowtrucks.vtrans.vermont.gov/
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