Anyone have suggestions for online purchase places for table lamps and end/bedside tables that aren't Amazon, etc? I am about to dive deep into nesting it appears, and I need some sources.

@scully depends on your price point; room&board are nice but expensive

@phooky Good point. I want to save money on the lamp purchase as I want real wood for tables which will be more expensive. Thanks for the lead, but you are right that R&B is a bit out of my range right now.

@scully Why not purchase raw parts and build lamps to your liking?

@scully depending what's in your "etc.": Ikea, local lighting stores, Wayfair, Lumens, Lowes/Home Depot all have big lamp selections. Any online furniture store will have end tables; many local places are online now as well

End tables are frequently for sale used as well via Craigslist/eBay/local listings. End tables are hit or miss, but you can find some great stuff, especially if you're able to make minor repairs/finish changes.

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