Took all morning, but I finally solved my printer's issue. The issue being HP sucks and uses firmware updates to keep people from using third-party toner. The fix was to downgrade the firmware and disable automatic updates in the future. Solution:

@scully dang, that's low from the company using the initials H & P. How long before they ship with firmwares that you can't downgrade?

Doing my best to save your page + firmware at

@scruss The HP forums are filled with irrate people asking about class action suits, and swearing never to buy HP again. Once bitten. We won't buy anything of theirs anymore because of this, we know that. Thanks. I updated my post to include a local copy to share :)

@scully It seems that Brother are going this way too: my local printer hacker/refiller/sales person wasn't hopeful that any new printer would accept 3rd party cartridges now

@scruss then hopefully any right-to-repair legislation provides protection, I guess. Sigh.
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