Why do you think colouring books are therapeutic to individuals?

Please boost - looking for ~500 responses. This was a 3 hour debate on Friday night which we now want to see who is right!

@indirection for me it helps provide a task with a level of detail and time to distract the chatter of my anxiety.

@scully If that was the case, why are you sharing the result? Why didn't you trash it? 🙂

I can't vote on the poll, but my opinion is they are both important, tightly bonded, but the process or result may be a bit more important to some people! So my vote would be "All 3".

@indirection not sure. I’m sure the paper version will end up in the recycling some day. But for now I use them for desktop images.

@scully So you did it for the process, but you have some attachment to the result...

A huge, massive point in our debate was, how do you measure "process means more", or "result means more". What is more? What is "1% more"? (I'm just rambling here)

It was a good Friday night. 😎


@indirection I have started many others and never completed them. Does that help? I use the process when I *need* the process. If I like the results, then so be it. I don't see this as an issue.

@scully I would say then you should've chosen "All 3" too, since now we're not even talking about a type of person, but just what you need in the moment!

Which is a very good point! We never touched on this!

Almost every single person I've talked to about this always brings up some new interesting aspect, which opens up a new can of worms lol.

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