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Hello! I live in Vermont with my wife, dog, and sheep. I enjoy homebrewing beer/mead, gardening, and timelapse photography.

SpyFall looks fun. Considering it for a virtual dinner party soon. Anyone played?

hello world 

and youtube crashes the browser. And embedded vidoes dont play.
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hello world 

and epiphany browser crashes each time I use it. Freezing the pointer too.
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hello world 

got @elementary installed and working on my 2010 MacBook Air.

My home server doesn't really do PHP very well for some reason (Matomo was VERY slow and I have no clue why), so I'm curious if there's a non-PHP alternative to #NextCloud that's any good and compatible with iOS.

Please #boost this, because I'd really like to set something up that will work well for me...


Happy 18th wedding anniversary to my wife/bestie! β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
We usually host a Boxing Day party, but this year are investigating doing it virtually. I have a question re: online group gaming services like Jackbox. 1. Is Jackbox the best option? What other options are available which are EASY to use. My guests are not all savvy users. We usually play things like Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens -- or Rockband -- when we are together. 2. If I go with Jackbox, do I buy the games and others join to play? They don't expect everyone to shell out $$ do they? [Update: It looks like that if one uses Steam Remote Play Together then only one person pays? But only 4 people can play at a time?] Thanks.
Barn is mucked and we are ready to shear the ewes tomorrow!
Brrrr. It’s cold out and we need to clean the barn before the shearer arrives tomorrow.

Looking for a way to convert open tabs in FF browser into bookmarks, I don't want to do that manually to hundreds of open tabs

ear worm - celebrity death (weird) 

Ok, I have not thought of Van Halen in decades, woke this morning with their song Jamie's Crying in my head, and just now learned Eddie Van Halen has passed away.
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Baking bread, making a cassoulet, and getting a flu jab today. Not in that order.

ear worm 

I have Van Halen’s Jamie’s Crying stuck in my head. And I needed some company. So hopefully you do too. πŸ€ͺ

VT Sheep & Wool (link update!) 

We'll be going live in less than 5 mins!
Looked outside to see neighbor grading my storm-ravaged driveway with his tractor. So great to have kind neighbors. Also I have tractor envy.

VT Sheep & Wool Festival Update 

For those who may be interested, our little fiber/wool business will be participating in the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival virtually this year. This event is usually held around the corner from us at our town's agricultural fairgrounds in Tunbridge. It's our favorite event of the year, and we will miss the people. But there will be a live stream on each day, a store-wide sale, AND a raffle of a sweater's worth of local Romney yarn. Please boost?
Beautiful autumn day here at our farm.
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