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:drake_dislike:​ actively hunting for vulns to get your first CVE

:drake_like:​ accidentally discovering a vuln to get your first CVE

Soon! 1800 EDT / 2200 UTC!

A Virtual Hackerspace meeting with special guest @djsundog teaching us about !

Join in at
- OR -
Watch the stream live at (link will be posted once we go live)

Stop by, hangout, have fun and learn with friends.

Virtual Hackerspace meeting on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 at 6 PM EDT / 10 PM UTC.

Special guest presentation on by @djsundog!

Meeting will be livestreamed on and

Cars are so 1900s. Balloons and zip lines are where it’s at.

Anyone want to speak or invite a speaker for the next VHS meeting on April 3rd?

It’s St. Patrick’s day, y’all! Gonna watch some Braveheart and drink a VB to celebrate.

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