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need to get an UPS for the bidet

Quake took the electric is out, but we’re alright. :hecker:

Went clothes shopping for this first time in about a year. I got a nice pair of sweatpants and a pretty rad dinosaur puzzle.

we have entered the realm of “real hacker shit” and there’s no going back

more stubborn than an American avoiding medical treatment

@vortex_egg thursday’s keynote might be worth catching

“Investigating Disinformation” Jane Lytvynenko


I'm hiring two Principal Security Researchers to join my Applied Research Team at Veracode. One focused on application static analysis and auto-remediation, one focused on dynamic analysis of web apps and web APIs.

My team is fully remote always (we have team members in EU, UK, US so far), great support for education (including attending conferences), pursuing your own projects, flexible scheduling, etc.

Boosts appreciated!

More info:

TFW when you fuck up at work and blame it on "hackors" to cover your ass and end up making it to the President's desk.

"White House addresses hack of Oldsmar water system"


If any of you are looking for a new gig... you could do waaayyyy worse than this:

Great company, visionary leadership, and a fun and inclusive work environment.

Bonus points is you get the job and find the graffiti I left.


@SetecAstronomy is it ok if I embed your etherpad on VHS?


I'm forgetting the name of the hacker collective in Seattle that has been keeping activists safe for about 25-30 years now... I want to re-read their PGP guide, but I can't find it. Little help from someone with a better memory. #SoEmbarassing


@banjofox @controlfreak are Y'all down for forming a livestream workgroup? Workgroup will be for getting livestreaming going for VHS and help coordinate things for any livestreaming events.

@c0debabe @thegibson server chugging, I may need to up the resources in a bit.

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