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If you're attending #HOPE , consider my workshop: Create Your Portable CentOS Homelab in About an Hour
#hopeconf #hope2020


[photo-sensitivity warning: many videos will contain flashing and strobing graphics]

:atari:​ Sommarhack is an Atari party out of Sweden. Here's a couple of choice ST prods I enjoyed (it's 2020 and I can appreciate the ST despite it's limitations now 😉 ):

:atari: unstatik by Bob_er, Dma-Sc and Cyprian (2020):

:atari: Motus by SMFX (2019):

:atari: Revise and Revisit by Dead Hackers Society (2018):


Do I know anyone in the Heidelberg / Mannheim area who needs a 21U server rack (max 500mm-ish depth)? Free for non-profit / educational / … orgs and projects. cc @rixx @leah for visibility

Just woke up and missed a lot of rad stuff, but at least I made it for Hacker’s Got Talent. #HOPE


too many hell threads to keep up with

Just go for it
Edna (Kitboga) sings I'm Blue (Live Drum Cover)

went clamming today and came back with a decent haul. gonna soup it up tomorrow.

@remotenemesis No Many Sky update. It’s dope. Been playing tonight with my family, they all love it. Wish there was couch co-op, but nah, so we take turns with an 8-minute timer. The rest of them passed out on the couch waiting for turns, so I’m gonna put another hour in and wrap it up for the night.

Hope you find as much joy in it as I have.
Namaste, Kaiju-sama.

Hooked the Steam Link up for the kids and neighbors. Glad to see it finally getting used along with these old LEGO games.

boosted will be performing, in it’s entirety “Saving Hacking from the Zaibatsus: A Memoir” Live without a net, at HOPE 2020 Wednesday July 29th at 1PM. We’ll teach you how to reclaim your data agency from the silos. See you there!

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