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Back when all you needed was a binder of Pokemon cards to flex on mofos.

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Found and been scrolling through the iPod I used to listen to when floating around the ocean, waves rocking me to sleep while I dreamed about the cyber-occult utopia before I knew what the cyber-occult utopia was.

Was reminded of the best music video ever made.

Yung Lean - Hurt

This one too, depending on if they're pouring the chuhais right. #fMonday

Pouya x Ghostemane - 1000 Rounds

Warning: If you ever karaoke with me, I will sing this. #fMonday

Rancid - Radio

This is one of those rare covers that's done better than the original. #fMonday

Bouncing Souls - That's Youth

“Do you like rock?”

Doing a Disability studies course and I came across this and I really love it.

"Kingsley likens having a child with a disability to preparing for a trip to Italy, only to find out you will be arriving in Holland instead. She explains that while a trip to Holland might not be what you planned, 'if you spend your life mourning the fact that you didn't get to Italy, you may never be free to enjoy the very special, the very lovely things... about Holland.'"

I don't know how my wife puts up with my shit but I'm glad she does.

Found a container of dead snails that got shoved away and forgotten about from like a year ago and we're talking about how to gett rid of them. Little dude said throw em to Mt. Fuji and now I'm just thinking about a snail kaiju laying waste to Tokyo.

Looking at how modern robots move, that dance is really outdated.

Now I have to find a Biollante action figure for a birthday gift. Thanks @thegibson.

Audible streaming children stories for free. Like actually free, no accounts, no email. Even have some in Japanese, Italian, German, French, Spanish.

covid, japan 

shaved the beard and 'stache to limit me touching my face, but now everyone wants to touch my face to feel the smoothness.

Drank tea and bullshitted with the wife all night. It was a good night, and I bid y'all goodnight.

When someone is making you some food and they say “oh fuck” and you ask “what’s wrong” and they say “nothing.”

smells like someone sprayed a bunch of ozium all over the city.

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