@GeoffWozniak thank you. I’ll try to remember to wish you a good one on Fisticuffs Day.

@socketwench @banjofox or I can take you to the hardware store via Jitsi or something so you can see what they have in stock.

@socketwench @banjofox Makes sense. Just giving a heads up that shipping is not going to be cheap. Send a list of stuff to look out for and I’ll give it a whirl.

@banjofox @socketwench not even joking. someone in the states was trying to donate a small box of hardware to me and the shipping prices they were being quoted was about $10 more than a plane ticket.

@banjofox @socketwench sometimes plane tickets are cheaper than mail.

@KungFuChickenNoodle where can we find the other 955 Kaiju Fun Facts?


*sweating intensifies*
*bank account increases*

@thegibson Very much so. The cooperative aspect is a big reason why I was willing to throw some skrill, just the reason that I think there needs to be more coops.

@thegibson The pods term made me think this is was what Stacey Higginbothom was talking about earlier this month in This Week in Google, but it turns out that was Solid.


@thegibson I was pretty stoked on it and was ready to toss a few bucks to see what it becomes, but alas. :/


tfw your partner's performance review is the same as Offsec's motto. :blobbroken:

"Try harder!"

Shower heads spray where you point them, not where you’re looking. This is something I’ve known for decades, but somehow forgot 5 minutes ago.

@FiXato We tried using a few different pictures, both printed out and on a phone. It didn't work.

Hamburgers and root beer floats for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

@thegibson every time I see that word I think of a collie going “deeeeerrr” and it makes me giggle.

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