@GI_Jack it’s like The Big Short when they’re at the titty bar and they’re talking about their real estate investments and the guy runs out like “there’s a housing bubble! there’s a housing bubble! it’s gonna burst!”

@GeoffWozniak @TechnicolorRainbow If anyone hasn’t read it by now, here’s the story condensed into a beautiful hour long 1990s television production, starring Clifford Stoll as Clifford Stoll.

The KGB, the Computer, and Me.

finding out you're fired via a git commit :()

@djsundog no no, thank you. i don't have to worry about washing my hands before and after changing the track, just gotta let the good times flow.

jiggly house. never know if its an earthquake or a truck driving by.

@thegibson @glove started listening and I heard my neighbors close their windows ~45 seconds later. related? don't know, don't care.

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