@vortex_egg @pixouls I need it at the firewall. Not having to see screenshots of Twitter and Facebook posts would turn a pretty rad internet experience and into a full-on rad internet experience.

@liaizon nah, I saw yours after I posted that. That one is fine. It was more about screenshots of Twitter and Facebook posts, because they’re not my thing. If I could just figure how to filter them out...

how do you block images of text?

except that one road. don’t go near that road.

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Next Virtual Hacker Space meeting on March 6th at 18:00 EST.


Anyone want to reserve some time to present or talk about something? Write a rad new song and want to share? Have a project idea and looking for helpers? A story to tell? Let’s us know and call dibs on some meeting time!

It came preloaded with Windows 10. Now wondering if I should continue with the original plan of installing OPNSense or add it to the malware lab.

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Part of this weekend’s project arrived early. Now where’s all those stickers at?

Son just taught me how to whoop The Ender Dragon. Overwhelmed with pride and joy.

@sudoneuron I love how they originally wanted Telegram as a name, but when they found out it was already taken they just said, “Ahhhh fuck it! Telephone it is!”

Also, I must now dive deeper into where these town names are submitted to and who approves them. Wondering if it’s different now than when it was 1886. This information might be useful for the future.

It’s the weekend. Time for the real work to begin.

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