@erosdiscordia what's your username on cryptohack? I couldn't find it to include you in today's score update.

CryptoHack Royal Rumble scores as of April 09, 2020, 23:50 UTC

merimus - 180
gashapwn - 155
y0x3y - 110
ryen - 30
tendmadenceid - 10
m4iler - 2

“Don’t choke strangers unless that’s their thing and they ask nicely.”

This is why that DeFranco guy is my first stop for news.


:joey: ATTN ALL JOEYS :joey:

You think you know crypto? You think you can hang with the Big Integers?

#TheJoeys and #DC502 are issuing a challenge for cryptohack.org

Which ever one of you filthy console jockeys has the highest CryptoHack score on April 15th at 7PM EDT/11PM UTC will be declared the winner of the Hackers.Town Cypherpunk Championship title belt.

Champion will be announced at the @DC502 virtual meeting on April 15th @ 7PM EDT/11PM UTC.


Submit your CryptoHack username below to sign-up.


Broke: Resumes.

Woke: Using your blog as a resume.

Stoked: auto-posting your BASH history file to LinkedIn periodically as your resume.

@Binder I hate myself because I'm learning math.


video and git are offline while I prep for a server migration.

@m4iler @thegibson when a week goes by without anyone asking where the shirts are.

re: virus, "what if it existed in california before it existed in wuhan?" bullshit study 

Planning a migration from ESXi to Proxmox or maybe even just CentOS or some shit.

I feel like the Firefox devs don't use Firefox.


Did a hard reboot on my FreeNAS server because I couldn't SSH in or get the WebUI to load. Just realized I was using the wrong IP address.

Fucking n00b.

Went to my son's school to do his class photo. This year they're taking each kid's picture separately and photoshopping them all in together for the final photo.

@amelia oh thanks for reminding me. I need to set my jobs to run maybe once a day instead of hourly. should hopefully take some load off the server. we just needed some feeds to work with while working on the layout for the frontend.

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