tfw you're walking through the financial district and get hit with an auto-cannibalism meme and are left unable to eat pork.

A wimmelbilder in the morning is better use of time than reading the news.

my daughter has a new friend on the street and it's too cute. since both me and the other dad work from home, the kids don't gather at one or the other's house during the day. they instead draw pictures and write letters to each other, occasionally running the envelope down the street.

I don't always tune into The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour, but when I do @snowdusk is spouting off nihongo.

screaming fist but stinky cheese

the viletones - screaming fist

neighbor brought a bottle of “get well” shochu. everyone should be this kind of neighbor, so everyone can have this kind of neighbor.

@estoricru that’s just a good all around tip. hydrate, mofos.

@estoricru @thegibson wait, huh, OneDrive? I thought that was one of the big selling points for OneDrive, that you can recover files if they're wiped or there's a Ransomware Attack. I'm pretty sure Windows Defender will show you a alert if you don't have OneDrive enabled and try to scare you into enabling it.

@estoricru oh damn that's horrible. think they'll be able to stay afloat with all the damage?

@m4iler it’s chill as long as you made the video or the source has a license that allows sharing.

if it wasn't for antibiotics I would of been gone long ago. lets give it up for antibiotics, y'all. 👏 :hecker:​ 👏

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