I Picked the worst time to start eating oatmeal. #wearenameless

So that's where those IRL streamers got their inspiration. #wearenameless

When I first saw this movie, I thought Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman were the same person. #WeAreNameless

Good morning! We have lots of new folks popping up, so it’s follow Wednesday!

@estoricru — An OSINT god. Hosts a podcast about privacy and security.

@seven — The beast behind , which is responsible for greatly decreasing my productivity between 0000 - 0200 UTC.

@neauoire — A true sailor that designs and creates beauty.

@pixelpaperyarn — Writer and developer that is an inspiration to us all.

@thegibson — The “not an idol” idol of the Fediverse.

@djsundog — Something is always going down the at lab. Whether it’s servers or Jazz, it’s always a toot’n blast in Sundogistan.

@ella_kane — Community organizer, responsible for bringing half of the Fediverse to , always a delight.

@jerry — Largely to blame for giving Infosec folks a place to thrive on the Fediverse. Host of Defensive Security Podcast.

@snowdusk_ — DJ for Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on aNONradio and a damn good cyberchatter.

@m4iler – It’s m4iler, my fellow Joey and motivator.

There’s tons wonderful people on the Fedi, just hang out and find out.


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