Monthly scheduled meetings with nothing planned have become meh. At the start, they were great for getting to know each other, starting the conversation of building a virtual hackerspace, and hosting planned events like Sundog's knowledge drop and Adam's firmware hacking sesh. But now it's time to stop talking about it and get things moving. Enter Hubs.

This is the next step of the Hackers.Town Virtual Hackerspace. 24/7 CYBER. Voice, text, screen share, a 3D space to create and hang in.

And to kick things off, we're hosting a Johnny Mnemonic watch-a-long on Friday, June 11th, 2021. Chat starts at 6PM EDT, and sync to start the movie at 7PM EDT. Bring your own whatever, because this is 100% pure cyber.

Made a Keanu-ish avatar for the celebration. Just plug this link into the "Avatar GLB URL" spot on the avatar selection screen

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Apologies to everyone that stopped by to say hi while I was AFK. Hope y'all come back to hang sometime.

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thanks for hanging, y'all! good times. how about we do it again next weekend?

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@thegibson New Hubs avatar idea. I really need to learn Blender. Here's my chance!

@ryen @thegibson My wife hates Johnny Mnemonic but loves Lawnmower Man because Johnny Mnemonic is bad but not bad *enough*.

I don't really know why I like Johnny Mnemonic so much more than Lawnmower Man. Probably something to do with when in my life it came out (the year I turned 21 and started working for an ISP). Same with TRON (3rd grade).

@ryen @thegibson Hmm, I also love Strange Days, which also came out in '95.

@thegibson niiiice! I tried to do a rollins, but it ended up looking like a mormon missionary. yours is much better.

@ryen @thegibson i gave j-bone a shot but the wrong facepaint and goggles on his eyes instead of his forehead made me give up haha

@ryen (I'll set an alarm and get off the phone on time, I swear)

@erosdiscordia @ryen That was a cool experience. Let's do that again.

@ryen thanks. Got me into wanting to watch the Matrix again.

I'm down for more.

@vortex_egg @ryen I mean I'm sure everyone already saw GitS no ?
Not that I dont like it but its better to watch new films wouldn't you say ?

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